Dreary weather calls for blue velvet, black hats, and lace-up boots. This Friday marks a special occasion this Friday: a very gothic birthday party for Miss Annalise. Ouija boards, candles, and occult lore will ring in the 29th year of the loveliest lady.


The Daily Fashionista :

That is going to be the best kind of birthday! Very awesome indeed.

And I love the hues of black and blue together. Its pretty and gothic.

Galine :

yes yes and yes some more!!! love the birthday idea (and yay for 29th birthdays!) & the outfit :)

Elegantly Academic :

Happy birthday to Annalise. Sounds like you going to have fun & I hope you share some photos too ...
Kelly xo

JennaStevie :

Ohh Happy Birthday to Annalise! This is so stunning, I love the velvet and black and blue. So perfect for fall

Lydia :

Witchy!!! I'm watching the first season of "Charmed" right now. Perfect time of year to get in touch with your inner witch.

witch hare :

I love this witchy outfit, so perfect for October!
Sounds like the perfect birthday too


Steffys Pros and Cons :

the velvet dress and the hat is perfection! and wow you dont look a stitch older than 22!!

<3 steffy

SoFashionistica :

Happy Birthday to Annalise! I wish her all the very best and may she get everything her heart desires.
As for the outfit, I love the velvet. This reminds me of a velvet dress I almost got at Marshall's a few weeks ago. Darn I should have got it, it looks almost like the one you are wearing but it was in fall colors.

wardrobeexperience :

wow, this velvet dress looks so good on you.
happy BD to annalise!


Jenni :

Love the velvet dress. So perfect. Great birthday party idea--I'm looking forward to the pictures!

islabell :

damn look at that first shot. xxxxx hot mama. lovely tasteful arty photos my dear.

SomeoneLikeYou :

Gosh, I adore these photos! So dark, romantic, and myseterious. You have a way of telling a story with pictures that I just love. xx

gee :

i love birthdays!! (as long as it isn't mine of course. :P)
you gals will have such an amazing time. ahhh.
i love the dark blue velvet on you. i can not wait for it to get colder here and start wearing some myself. (prob. black though..i have not seen blue velvet anywhere...i will just rent the movie instead...zing... PLEASE tell me you got that joke..)

Monique :

wow sounds like an awesome birthday party...i'm sure you ladies will have a blast...

dear winsome :

you look amazing, i'm obsessed with anything velvet! sounds like so much fun, i want to come too! haha


Marisa Noelle :

Aw sounds like quite a fun time!! Wishing Annalise the happiest birthday! I love, love, love that blue velvet dress:)

Julia Topaz :

velvettttt love it

Mara :

I love the velvet! You look so elegant and edgy.
Sounds like it's going to be a fun birthday!

Fashiable :

Oh wow. I love that velvet dress!