San Pedro de Atitlán

During the summer of 2010, Matthew and I traveled Guatemala and Honduras. Our reasons for visiting Latin America were rooted in familial and childhood experiences. My mother's family is Honduran, and Matthew lived in Guatemala for six months following the civil war that ended in the late 1990s. While Latin America is known for textiles, Guatemala boasts some of the most impressive artisan wares. I purchased this backpack in San Pedro, a small town bordering Lago de Atitlán. The material is handwoven by local women, and the leather is imported from master artisans in surrounding villages. The result is this beautiful backpack, one of my most cherished possessions from my travels.
Skirt: A Fine Day for Sailing
Shirt: Thrifted
Backpack: Handmade, Guatemalan
Belt: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage, Thrifted
Listening to: Fine Young Cannibals/ Wolf Parade
backpack collage
backpack closeup


Summer-Raye :

I just found your blog & I'm in love! So amazing, id love for you to follow my blog, let me know I'll follow back!


jillian m. :

I really do love your outfit. It's simple, chic and put together, which is an aesthetic I can relate to. Great bag too! I'm on the hunt for cute, non-dorky backpack like this!

vanda :

Lovely!!!! Love the skirt and lace top!!!!Have a nice week!

Dresses for Dinner :

This outfit looks wonderful on you and I love the bag! This is the kind of simple yet incredibly sleek look I wish I created.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love everything about this! especially the cute loafers and your backpack!

<3 steffy

Mongs :

that's a gorgeous lacy top. You look simple and indie chic, lovely bag. It just dawned on me that you don't need to follow trends to look good. You have a great style, that's what matters


LoveCharlesVintage :

That backpack is certainly something to cherish! I have a smaller but similar one from indonesia that my aunt got for me. Your outfit is a lovely! A great and simple way to wear lace.

laura :

You ROCK that backpack! And it's really quite beautifully made. I am Filipino and when I look at ethnic products I am never inspired or inclined to incorporate them into my wardrobe. Maybe I should be looking at just accessories, like you did!

Happy Monday!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

witch hare :

It's great that you can incorporate your shared heritages into an outfit - and a practical one too! The rest of the outfit is beautiful as always.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

A lovely and unique backpack and it's always wonderful when an accessory has personal significance/history attached to it. You're again rockin' the autumn separates, I like your neutral color palette and the dainty lace of your blouse.

Amber Blue Bird :

your backpack is wicked cool. I love the pattern. I would totally sport it myself :)

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Nikki :

Lovely outfit milday! I'm swooning over that persian print backpack! x

Blush and Flats :

lovely backpack :)

Jenni :

What a great outfit! Perfectly simple, and the backpack makes it special, especially because of the story behind it. :D

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger :

SO pretty! I adore the bag and shoes.

Happy Monday!

Rae Veda :

Adorable skirt and bag! xo, rv

Santina :

I absolutely adore that backpack - so vibrant! And, I don't know about you, but the pieces that are bursting with memories are always my favorite to wear. I'm sure each time you wear the backpack, it brings you back to what could only have been an amazing trip!


Sharmaine Ruth :

You look adorable as always :)

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

I was in Guatemala this time 2 years ago, it is such a amazing country. I loved all the markets with their bright woven goods I only purchased a purse and book and i'm so upset at myself for not getting a bag.

Lauren :

That bag! I DIE!!! You styled it perfectly!

Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Your bag pack is so cute! You look great, like always :)

gee :

every single time i look at this beautiful blog you and annalise make me want to head dive into both of your closets!!!
that bag is AMAZING!!
love how simple and beautiful your outfit is.


the Guatemalan backpack is so so wonderful!

dear winsome :

love this, that backpack is amazing!


Fashionable Nomad :

You always have the most wonderful south western/south american finds! What a beautiful backpack, and how wonderful that it means so much to you!

BlondeMuse :

Wow, sounds like an awesome trip. And it's always lovely to buy local products. Love your bag, it really spices your outfit! xo

Lydia :

That is like, the most perfect backpack ever.

Mara :

I really love your shirt! It's so pretty. And that backpack IS beautiful!

Emily :

I love your blog! I'm a fan of vintage clothes aswell. You're one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own...anyone feel free to check it out at
I'd love for you to follow it aswell, and I'm already following yours.
And I love that bag!!

Jamie Rose :

What a cool backpack! I love the lace top paired with the brown pencil skirt too. Everything is so simple and pretty.


every time i see any type of southwestern print, i instantly think of you. this sounds like quite the special journey that you guys took. the backpack is really is beautiful. just think of all the care that went into making it!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

I would love to travel more extensively in Latin America, particularly to Guatemala. Acquiring some of the textiles would definitely be a must. I'd love to hear more about your trip sometime!

Oh, B Wyatt :

You have me inspired to incorporate some textiles I got in South Africa into a purse or backpack...