Sunday Sounds: Nick Cave

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I've been in love with Nick Cave since I first heard his music nearly a decade ago. Originally from Austraila, he has been playing music since the early 1970s. My favorite period of Cage is his stint as front man for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. His sound is an eclectic mix of country, blues, punk and gospel with lyrics that span love, death, religion and violence. One of my favorite albums- The Murder Ballads- discusses violence and death in some of the most beautiful ways I've ever heard. Check out the video at the end of this post. It's a disturbing yet eerily lovely duet with pop star Kylie Minogue. I hope I can introduce just one person to his incredible talent.
Nick Cave 1
Nick Cave 2
Nick Cave collage


feH :

Nice post! :)

Elegantly Academic :

I was so surprised to see this & equally thrilled! Nick Cave is a bit of a legend here in Australia & Triple J (radio station) are about to tour a tribute concert to him around the country. I'm pretty sure they'll broadcast on on the radio, that you can listen to online ... I'm pretty sure he also wrote (& had a cameo?) in the movie The Proposition with Guy Pierce ...
Any who, great post!
Kelly xo

Elegantly Academic :

And apologies for the terrible grammar in that comment ... I was a bit excited ;)

Sharmaine Ruth :

I now have to add new music to my iPod! haha :D

Lucy Nation :

Nick Cave is a legend. I listened to Murder Ballards during my formative years and it left a massive impression! I also love The Boatman's Call. He had a cameo in the Wim Wenders film The Wings of Desire which I wholeheartilly recommend

Danielle V. :

Great stuff! My boyfriend gave me The Murder Ballads last year and I listened to them on repeat for weeks. The lyrics are so very awesome.


witch hare :

Ah, Nick Cave is great!
He came to my university last year for a literary event and I got hear him read excerpts from his book The Death of Bunny Monroe. In between his publisher interviewed him, asking how he found time to write novels and music. It was a totally unique experience, he has such a commanding presence.

Heather, 29 Skirts :

Nick Cave is brilliant. I saw him in concert in L.A. several years ago...we got there early and were right in front of the stage. It was the best concert ever! He's not only an amazing musician and lyricist, he also puts on an awesome show.

LoveCharlesVintage :

I was just listening to him last night! with a little tom waits too.

libby :

thanks so much for the comment on my blog! i'm following you now, hope you will stop by again!

Bre :

As soon as the song started by bf began to sing. I was like "you know this song?" He said yes this is a remake. I was shocked. I have not ever herd it and enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

Lyndall :

Yay! I love Nick Cave. 'Murder Ballads' is one of my favourite albums. And I'm weirdly pleased that he still has his Australian accent even though he lives overseas most of the time now :3

Jenni :

<3 <3 <3! I love Nick Cave! Now I have to go listen to "Murder Ballads" on a loop for the rest of the night. :D

Jul :

A great artist...and he's also a terrific writer!

Kirsten :

Love Nick Cave, great men's fashion or androgynous fashion inspiration too.