Autumn Afternoon

Rainy Afternoon 1
As the cold weather creeps ever nearer, it's time to bring out the tights, boots and little wool skirts. I also wanted to share another textured leather bag from my collection. I really like the interesting color combination of this bag and the awesome buckle. The skirt is a long ago thrifted find that I somehow can't get rid of even if I only wear it once and a while. It has pockets, buttons up the front and is made from the best multi colored nubbly fabric. So cozy! Well, I see the sun starting to peek out from behind the clouds so I'm off to give the doggy a little walk. Hope everyone is having a lovely week.
Blouse: Vintage, Fashion Expo
Skirt: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Miz Mooz
Listening to: Starry Eyed/ Ellie Goulding
Rainy Afternoon CollageRainy Afternoon bag and boots
wooden collage
rainy afternoon close up


Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Gorgeous outfit as per usual, but I just have to say I love your cut and colour absolutely stunning

The Dainty Doll's House :

Super gorgeous! x

the sparkling dust :

beautiful! I love that wooly skirt and bag, and amazing boots too! x

Megan :

Beautiful, love all of the colors and those shoes are wonderful! :)

Marisa Noelle :

Tights and boots is practically my uniform for winter:) I love all the standout pieces in your outfit...both the purse and boots are striking...and your color too!! Such a pretty look from head to toe:)

katie :

love this outfit! the boots are super cute :)

jesse.anne.o :

I also love this cut. I have been thinking about going shorter and shorter (which is strange because usually that's not a winter trend for me).

JennaStevie :

Such a great outfit, that skirt is pretty amazing. It's nice to have those pieces that pop up every now and them like that. I love the flecks of colour in it!

Lina :

Those boots are to die for! I've been looking for a pair like them myself. What a lovely blog!

islabell :

ohhh. these came out so good! I love those boots of yours. Alas, I have school until 4 todya. But! I am so down for Sallys at 4. :)

Kitsune-kun :

LOVE the cute bow on that top, and your boots are amazing!

Milla :

Oooh! Suddenly I' so in the mood for the fall. Wow. Grey tights never looked so alluring.

Kathleen :

you look aaamazing girl. love both of your styles so much!
and for the madewell jean leggings, after wearing them about 3 or 4 times, they're still holding up! :) they dont stretch like a size up like other jeggings..this one only stretches bout half a size. and its super comfy, definitely recommend them for best jean leggings :).

Happy shopping girls!

<3, Kathleen.

Two Happy Hearts :

so perfect!!
and your hair color is amazing.

Amber Blue Bird :

this outfit is perfectly put together and your boots are wicked cute.

Dandy-Doll :

Such an amazing bag!!


Annebeth :

everything about this outfit is ACE, the colors are so amazing and the different statement pieces make for a gorgeous total look! yo hair = amazing

Lydia :

I love the color combos here and the way you pulled all this together. Beautiful pieces.

So Yeah So :

I am seriously coveting those boots. HOt damn.

chillairandperfume :

I am loving those boots! I ordered a similar pair today because I love them so much, haha.

threadsandbuttons :

I can see why you've been holding on to this skirt, the texture is just so wonderful! And I love love love your shoes :)

Shannon :

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it.

Your outfit is beautiful and so are your pictures.


gee :

first off did i ever tell you i have a cousin names Annalise!?! (i always think ab telling you and then i forget. :P)


i am still on a lookout for a purse for your collection.
i always saw them and then you mentioned them on a post and now i NEVER see them. Life...geez.
you look beautiful..the print on your top is perfect.
florals make me smile. :)

The Daily Fashionista :

Fabtastic outfit!!! I love it so much I make up words:)

Meggstatus :

That skirt look so fantastic on you!

Winda Tiodang :

love it....!!
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and of course i will folback!:D also, u can mention me anytime on twitter @tiodang if you want me to check out your latest post & leave a comment ^^ ,please list me on twitter, so i will know u're my follower!! ;)

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Lora :

This whole outfit so well put together. What really tops it (and all of your outfits) off is your awesome cut and color. It lights up your whole face and makes your eyes pop! You look beautiful!

Courtney :

i really, really love that top. it's beautiful. especially the print and the neckline. i like color of the booties too.

Jamie Rose :

That skirt is really cool. The fabric looks nice and warm for some reason haha. I'm kind of in love with your boots too.


the texture on that skirt is incredible! you're looking cute as a button, as per usual. let's have a date soon! xoxo.

elanor, :

darling outfit! and those photos really get all the details. love it. those boots are awesome...xx

Mara :

Ah! I need your haircolor, your shirt, and your boots. Right now. :) You look so lovely! I really like the combination of your tights and woolly skirt.