Etsy Picks: Capes

It's no surprise that Jenny and I love vintage capes. Fall is the perfect time to wrap yourself up in a cozy knit to keep out the cold. There are many beautiful capes to be found on Etsy- be it plaid, wool or suede that strikes your fancy. Here are a few of our favorites.



Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense :

Aya is the best!

vintageveggie :

the one with the black bow is just to die for.

Jenni :

Love these--especially #1 and #3.

Amber Blue Bird :

i'd love to own them all but my pocketbook is just not cooperating.

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wayfaringmagnolia :

Thank you ladies for including my blue plaid cape! You are too sweet!

Alison :

These are such good options and after envying you your cape below I'm gald you posted this. Thanks!

little henry lee :

ohh i especially love the third one, so lovely!

Fabrizia :

Love them, great selection!!Nice post!

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