Forest Creature

A few snapshots from a recent camping trip. I finally got around to looking through my film, and these are a few of my favorite images. I captured these moments during twilight just as the sun was setting behind the mountains. There were hundreds of pinecones scattered around the meadow, some as long as 12 inches. I felt as if I was a forest creature living among such magical things.


Megan :

Beautiful images!

Marusya V :

Lucky:) I miss camping and other magic adventures...
Great blog, ladies, well done:) Would love to stay in touch!


Kitsune-kun :

such beautiful pictures!

karin :

Beautiful pictures and blog.I invite you to visit mine too girls. if you like it we can follow each other.Kisses from

vintage process :

Great pictures! I love it!

Amber Blue Bird :

pretty photos. Those pine cones almost look like flowers in bloom.

Lydia :

I love the first shot.

Monique :

these photos are so beautiful and have a majestic feel to them. what a wonderful trip

Abigail's Place :

Lovely images such beautiful colour!
Just discovered your blog and what a great find.
Now following!

Abigail x

Julia :

These are absolutely beautiful. And I like that you shoot in film too :)

Cup of Tea

t :

Nice pics!

Mara :

Such pretty pictures! I love the shots of the pinecones.