Ghoul's Delight!

Head in the fridge halloween
Poison Ivy!
annalise ashley isla dance
Rachel Halloween
matthew and ashley
Jen Halloween
annalise fixing hair
rachel and bear
ashley and mr right
poison ivy grin
isla as daria
annalise death stare
Hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. Jen and I went over to Isla's house for an epic party. I went as Poison Ivy and Jen looked as gorgeous as ever in her witch costume. Our lovely host Isla was the ever pouty Daria, Rachel as her own version of Mousevox, and Ashley was her future self (great idea!). The house looked amazing, and I was so impressed with all the creepy decorations. There was cobwebs, dancing, laughing and of course lots of photos. Enjoy!


Sharmaine Ruth :

Woah that first picture made me jump a bit haha :D Looks like a wonderful time! The lobster head cracked me up! And you look lovely :)

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

zoë, lion heart vintage :

looks like SUCH an epic party! but wowwww you girls totally lived up to the epicness in your costumes... so good!

happy halloween!

SoFashionistica :

Looks like you guys had loads of fun! Both of you looked awesome in your costumes!

Dial V for Vintage :

Looks like a lot of fun! Spooky but cute at the same time :).

Rachel, Cold Knees :

thank you for the lovely comment :) I must say you all look so darn cool, this party looks like it was the place to be for Halloween! xxx

islabell :

ahhhh :) YAY! I'm happy happy to see these. hope you are having fun home with your mama. see you soon!

gee :

isla's face are cracking me up in the pictures!
looked like a fabulous time.

Monique :

looks like you gals had a grand ole time! love the poison ivy concept!

Jamie Rose :

Poison Ivy is a great costume idea! I really would love to do that one some year. This party looks like so much fun too.

lepinkbow :

great pictures! it seems like you had a lot of fun!! (:

Lydia :

Happy Halloween! You ladies look lovely. That head in the fridge is a genius idea. And Shrimp Head or Lobster Head or whoever he is!!!!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Your costume turned out great, green is definitely your color. It's so fun seeing so many bloggers at one party, everyone looks swell!

Georgia Rose :

Your party looks like SO much fun! We had one too, but it got rather scandalous, and I don't think any of the attendees would appreciate such, um, naked photos being thrown around on the internet!

Courtney :

Halloween is so fun. I like the Frida Kahlo costume. I need to do that one year.

Helen :

is that a frida kahlo costume too?! i love it.