Let's Get Organized

This past weekend, Matthew and I put the finishing touches on my closet remodel. We reinforced my antique dresser, added shelving and baskets, and assembled shoe racks. I have been so busy lately with work that I haven't had much time for creative projects. It was a refreshing experience to paint shelving and organize all of my vintage goodies, many of which sat neglected in the corners of my closet for months. With all of the added space, Alfalfa and Lulu Rabbit have enjoyed running around the closet and nesting in my shoes. I just can't resist their little faces.

Sunday Sounds will be back next week! 


Kate :

Love the look of the wardrobe, looks absolutely divine! I love the hanging up necklaces, I do that too, it's so much easier than having to untangle them constantly!

Jennifer King :

What an awesome feeling! I just made a few organizational upgrades to my closet too. It's amazing what a few hangers, nails, and shoe racks can do!

I also love all the vintage touches in your closet (i.e. the owl, the vanity, etc.)

Lydia :

Jenny your closet is amazing! I just want to go live in there. With that cute little bunny.

Rae Veda :

I would love to have all of that extra shelving in my closet. I may just have to add some... xo, rv


KateLainey :

Im in love with your closet! We just moved into a new house and it lacks a huge closet like this...love how organized it is and I'm loving the vintage touches. what fun!

Nikki :

aw my gawd, that buny is so cute ^^ and I LOVE your closet. You have one amazing collection of necklaces and clutches! and that pretty green bag in the first photo? I am in awe. x

gee :

i think i just had a heart attack from all the eye candy!
can i have all your purses..pllllease!?! ;)
also, your bunny is the cutest thing on earth.
have a wonderful sunday, Jen.. <3

libby :

i totally need to do a closet organization... about half my closet is organized and the rest is a mess!


The Midwest Muse :

What a dreamy closet. I am 100% envious.

Miss Meadows :

Wish I had a closet like that too!!! WITH a bunny in it! ;)

Jo :

Wow wow wow! Your revamped closet is truly amazing, Jenny! <3 I love how the bags are presented!

Lost in the Haze

JennaStevie :

This really makes me want to organize my closet/room. Right now it looks like there was in explosion in there, I have much less space though. Awww how cute are the bunnies running around too, adorable.

lady liquor vintage. :

Ahh, it all looks amazing! Your rabbit is so adorable too, i love my little man!


Julia :

Wow, that is basically my dream closet. Jealous? Yes I am! It looks great!! :)

Cup of Tea

Lora :

This is my dream closet! Resident bunny included :)

chantilly :

that first picture with all the necklaces... WOW. i want all of them.

Mackenzie :

Amazing! I just want to roll around in it! (in a non-creepy way) hah!
Seriously though, super jealous.

Caroline Ergy Erg :

Awh, you're so lucky it's amazing! Cute bun bun too :D

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

What a gorgeous closet I am so jealous.

Laura :

I am in awe. Oh, if only my closet could be both so organized AND so stocked with lovely vintage!

Monique :

your closet is huge and way to go with the organizing...looks amazing!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Kudos on your mad organizing skills! Sadly my closet is tiny and cramped so definitely no room for shelves or bins. One of my winter projects is to figure out a good way to store all my vintage dresses, purses and jewelry. Will try hard not to become a hoarder...

little henry lee :

oh wowww! everything is so deliciously well organised. i'm so jealous!

wardrobeexperience :

oh, your closet looks so beautiful and so well organized... mine will never look that tidy!

just did a post about my wardrobe on saturday...


Julie :

Wow, I admire your organisation. Love your bunnies.

Arielle :

I love your closet! The knick knacks on the dresser are cute, I love the mirror, and you have a great selection of bags/purses. I love a good closet. Awesome.


Caitlin :

holy purses!!
it looks amazing.

dear winsome :

Your wardrobe looks amazing, love how you've organized it perfectly!


Emily Rose :

wow!! what a great closet!!! i wish i had my old walk-in still :(

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic :

i'd like to live in your closet.
and your bunny is a dream.

ArtAfterDark :

After 30 comments, you know everyone loves your closet and the bunny! I just want to add that your blog is always a source of inspiration! Thanks for all the wonderful photos and the music videos!

Katrina :

Aw the cute bunny!!! And your closet is amazing by the way - looks so retro and gives off this homey vibe)


Katrina :

Aw the cute bunny!!! And your closet is amazing by the way - looks so retro and gives off this homey vibe)