Rainy Day

Whenever I wear this color combination, I think of my dance teacher from elementary and high school. Everything she owned was red, black and white. Even her house was painted in this color scheme, and she had black hardwood floors imported from a special retailer in order to maintain her creative vision. While I have never considered myself a fan of red, I do love a pop of color in an outfit. This coat is once example, and I particularly like it due to its brass buttons and collar. And the coat is a much needed item especially since San Francisco has officially entered its rainy season. An umbrella is safely packed away in my purse whenever I go out in case there are unexpected showers.
Dress: Gift
Coat: Vintage
Purse: Vintage
Umbrella: Annalise's
Shoes: F21
Listening to: What do I get/ Buzzcocks
red coat
umbrella and purse


Nichole :

Red is a great accent color, but with the holidays just around the corner, I'm considering a knock out red dress for parties! What do you think? Is red too much for the holidays?

JennaStevie :

This is such a wonderful look, I love a pop of red with black and white looks. This dress is such an incredible piece!! Great photos

Dresses for Dinner :

That dress is so perfect on you and those booties are adorable.

mary van note :

I love your dress! You look stunning!!!!

ArtAfterDark :

An adorable style statement! Love the red coat, black stockings, and great boots! Very chic!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

what an adorable umbrella, and i love the red black and white combo!

<3 steffy

islabell :

I LOVE IT!!! hope you got a lot done this weekend. you were sorely missed. lets have pizza in pajamas one night this week xx

Nikki :

I love how this red coat brightens the whole outfit up! so beautiful :) x

Peachy Keen :

Lovely outfit, simple yet effective. The print on the dress is really nice too.



This Charming Style :

Awww wow, that is one beautiful dress! xx

Elyse (Give Me Bows) :

Such a gorgeous dress, the print is lovely! I am really looking forward to seeing what you wear over the cooler months, I am terrible at winter-dressing and layering and am in need of some inspiration :)

SoFashionistica :

The red coat with the black and white print dress looks so pretty! The red really just makes the whole outfit come together and with the holidays approaching it fits perfectly!

Alyssa :

You look lovely! This is the second time that I've read that someone doesn't like red ha. I thought everyone loved red! Well, of course, not everyone loves red but you get the idea ha! You have an amazing blog!

-Alyssa from The BF Mashup
p.s. You look marvelous in red :]

elanor, :

for some reason i've never been a fan of red, black, and white, but i really love this outfit on you. the dress is gorgeous and the red coat is a lovely accent.

Hannah :

That red is perfect! It gives an amazing pop of color. I love it! :)
Your dress looks really adorable. I love it.
Thank you for your lovely comment. It's very sweet of you. My day did get better. haha Thank you again.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I'm a huge fan of wearing red as an accent color, my favorite coats, belts and shoes are red! It's hard to dress for rainy weather but you've nailed it. :)

Also in reply to your comment on my blog: yes so far I'm still planning an LA/SF trip in February! Will definitely keep you posted. :)

Monique :

Wow that coat is amazing and you def pull of the red/black/white scheme. that's pretty intense to have a home in this color combo

Catherine :

Beautiful! I love the print of your dress, and as you said, red is the perfect pop for this outfit. That's funny about your music teacher! How interesting!

Marisa Noelle :

I've always really loved this combination...really eye-catching and bold, but not too over the top. My last house too was decorated in this color scheme too:) Anyhow you look stunning. I am drooling over that red coat and the print on the dress is perfect. Loveliness as always! xx Marisa

Annebeth :

those black and red pieces are amaaaazing together, such a strong look. And I love your little purse, want!

gee :

that coat is PERFECT!
i have been on the hunt for a vintage wool read coat and still looking..
i do believe i would fit in perfectly will San Fran..i love the rain. so calming. (unless you are driving and surrounded by idiots.)
black has always been a favorite color of mine when it comes to clothing. it is really does go with anything..for any mood.
you look beautiful Jen.. i need to raid your closet one day, friend. <3

Matthew :

you are like sunshine on a cloudy day. i like your umbrella which could also pass for a goth parasol.


This outfit is Fall perfect. I am loving the bright red coat with the color combo!

freny :

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Jamie Rose :

I'm a big fan of the color red so I love your red jacket! The print on your dress is really unique and looks great with it!


you look stunning in red, black & white. i missed seeing you this sunday. hopefully i'll get to see your pretty face soon! xoxo.

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

I can see why she loves that color combination though. I think black, white and red go so great together! I love how you channeled your dance teacher in these photos in a way :) You're dress is adorable, I love the pattern, and that red jacket is just beautiful! :)

triskelos :

Love the dress <3 It's brocade, isn't it? I'm planning to find a brocade dress for holiday season this year))


Pink :

Looks so glamorous and elegant in these Feminine Dresses! (www.loudstarbazaar.com)