Stormy Sea

I was so happy to find this brightly colored cape while thrifting a few weeks ago when I was visiting my parents in Santa Barbara. Sometimes vintage clothing, even at the thrift stores, can be so over priced. I was amazed to find this treasure in such good condition for less than ten dollars! The vibrant blues and greens are a much needed pop of color as the daylight hours get shorter in San Francisco. I've been working extra hard at my job getting ready for our holiday display install to be ready when the store opens the day after Thanksgiving. Since I start work so early in the morning and sometimes don't leave until the evening, there are days that I don't ever see the sunlight! I try to spend as much time as possible with my friends when I do have some free time. I also find it important to eat well and get lots of sleep. How do you keep yourself cheerful during the darker months? 
Dress: c/o Tulle
Belt: Vintage
Tights: Nordstrom
Bag: Thrifted
Shoes: F21
Cape: Vintage, Thrifted 
vintage cape


The Dainty Doll's House :

Love the vibrant colours, goes beautifully with your hair ;) Do get through the darker months, I try and wear brighter clothes, be with family and just do things that make me laugh..have a sweet day :) xx

Carina G. :

I love how you play with colors. :) the cape and your dress goes well together. <3 the bag and the shoes are lovely too! <3

By the way, I'm a new follower! Maybe we could follow each other? Thanks very much! <3

Em :

Love the cape--what a find at under 10.00! My husband and I joke that at this time of year it feels like we work in the salt mines. I have "daylight" compact lightbulbs at home and at work to at least get a bit of "faux" light. I don't necessarily wear a lot of brights other than red, but do find myself attracted to jewel tones this time of year to compliment my greys, browns and blacks.

Pretty Things :

what a gorgeous outfit, it's so cute and i love the detail at the back of the neck and what an adorable poncho!


Lora :

This cape is so awesome! Perfect colors and size and shape and everything. I'm also really digging the grey tights and shoes combination. As Rod Stewart would say, "Hot Legs!"

Adopting a dog has really helped me survive the Chicago winters, as she loves going outside no matter what, and it's pretty awesome to see watch her play in the snow. Knitting, hot toddies, and catching up on TV shows I didn't watch during the warmer months helps, too.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

I love seeing you in blue! You look great in this post! And that cape is lovely... I know just what you mean about overpriced thrift shops...

Lydia :

Ugh, LOVE capes. Can't get enough of them. This one is great, and such a good price. Vintage is TOTALLY overpriced sometimes.

Rae Veda :

That poncho is to die for! xo, rv

JennaStevie :

This dress is so lovely on you, the colour looks perfect with your bright red hair. And that cape is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!!

Caitlin :

love the back of the dress. and those grey tights! i haven't been able to find any nice grey opaque tights for this winter.

Bre :

That cape is AMAZING! I don't really have that much luck thrifting because it's either ugly or WAY to much money. I am so jealous of your find.

Jenni :

What an amazing cape! I like wearing bright colors in winter. It tends to brighten things up a bit.

Courtney :

First of all, the cape is gorgeous. What a great find! And I love that dress with the belt and the gray tights. So cute.
It's really hard not to see daylight. Ugh.

Helen :

I love the grey tights with grey brogues, looks lovely.

The Braided Bandit :

This outfit is so pretty! Stormy sea is the PERFECT name for this post, well done! Hope you're having a great day!

Jo :

Your dress is such an amazing colour <3 And I'm slightly obsessive over the back detailing! What a beauty!

Lost in the Haze

elanor, :

you look SO pretty in this shade of blue!! i actually adore this playful outfit...and the cape is splendid...

i'm still trying to figure out how to keep cheerful with the shorter!!

Michal :

I love this outfit! The cape is amazing and that dress looks so cute on you too. I agree that eating healthy & sleep definitely help keep my spirits lifted during the Winter. Unfortunately I haven't been getting nearly enough sleep lately, but I'm working on it! :]

Monique :

your cape is awesome and that dress is too freakin cute. the buttons and then the cut on the back...lovely

Midwest Muse :

What a wonderful cape and deal! It looks really good on you. I love your hair too!

gee :

you hair (and you of course) looks beautiful in these photos Annalise..
that cape is amazing. one of the best feelings is finding an vintage piece of clothing in the thrift store that is damage free!!! ;)

Julia :

Very cute dress! To keep away the winter blues, I say to have full spectrum light bulbs in your house, take vitamin D, and exercise! That's what I'm gearing up to do anyway.. :)

Cup of Tea

Jamie Rose :

Very cool, colorful cape! I also love the cute dress with the cutout detail on its back. I like to wear bright colors in the winter too. They make me happy!

decenzo-cordova photography :

I live in a drafty San Francisco victorian, and I definitely have to be aware of keeping cheerful in the chilly darker months: hot tea, hot toddies, hot baths, scented candles, catching up on my reading, reaching out to family and friends, appreciating all my coats and boots, and planning an outfit around a warm, colorful scarf.

Love the cape, and also the paring of gray tights and gray shoes-lovely!