Style Sessions

Star Bright

Coffee Break
Book Worm

Autumn Sunset


With the changing of the seasons, San Francisco has been experiencing some colder weather. It's time to start pulling out your favorite coats and boots! I hope these Polyvore sets help inspire you to keep stylishly cozy as the temperatures drop. Which one is your favorite?


Lina :

I love the bookworm! I'mma have to try to track something similar down. . .

Lydia :

I also love Book Worm!

gee :

autumn sunset and book worm are my favorite!
have a wonderful weekend girls!! <333

JennaStevie :

These are ALL so lovely, I want every single piece here. Especially digging the bookworm and autumn sunset

Peachy Keen :

Love this post! I really like Star Bright.


SomeoneLikeYou :

I'm absolutely dying over every single set..Gosh, you are so talented at putting these together! xx

Jamie Rose :

These sets are wonderful! I especially like the primary seasons one and the book worm one.

elanor, :

i just adore the book worm look... all of them are fantastic though! x

Sharmaine Ruth :

Book worm is definitely my favorite! Soo pretty :D

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

I can't even pick a favourite I love all of these looks.

Chelsea Lane :

all these color palettes are so gorgeous! the silhouettes you chose are gorgeous. loving your blog!


Monique :

There's a tie between bookworm and autumn sunset...they are all well crafted so hard to choose

Annebeth :

aaaaah all these colors, yes please! great job!

Julia :

These are all great! My favorite would have to be the Coffee Break one... that is so me! :)

Cup of Tea

Kasia M :

I love the book worm dress! The red dress is pretty great as well :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream :

i can't decide which one is my favorite! waaah! i love the first one because of its bright colors..and the awesome dress but i also love bookworm for the super adorable dress, the boots and the floral tights. whoot!

your new follower,
♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

little henry lee :

lovely choices! i think primary seasons is my favourite one.