Sunday Sounds: Ellie Goulding

ellie goulding 1

Ellie Goulding caught my attention a couple years ago with her version of "Black and Gold". Her  voice and heartfelt lyrics are a wonderful blend of feminine vocals with a soulful atmosphere. Pair that with great dance worthy beats, and I am a true fan. Such lovely songs for rainy fall days.
ellie goulding collage
ellie goulding 2
ellie goulding collage 2


Kate :

Love Ellie Goulding, she has such a unique voice. I love her version of Your Song! That first photo of her is amazing!

jess :

I love her cover of Your Song.

Hannah :

I love Ellie Goulding. I have her CD, and I pretty much listen to it everyday. She has such a fantastic voice, and her songs make me want to dance!

Anaïs :

First of all, thank so so much for visting my blog. And I didn't knew Ellie Goulding, what a great discovery!!!!!! Thanks again :)

Bre :

I Youtubed her music and it is great! I would have not ever found her music with out you ladies so thank you!!! I see she has a few records on iTunes. What is your favorite? I would like to purchase one.

elanor, :

I haven't heard her! But now I'm off to go have a listen! x