Sunday Sounds: The Rosebuds

The Rosebuds 3
The Rosebuds are a band that formed in North Carolina the week they got married in 2001. After working and touring together for years as a couple they divorced in 2008, but have continued to create music. The Rosebud's newest album is Loud Planes Fly Low which came out in June of this year. With dream pop vocals and fun yet mellow beats this is a band I can listen to over and over. It's easy to loose yourself in the music as their voices intertwine in songs about love and loss.  
the rosebuds the rosebuds 2 The Rosebuds collage


Natalie Leung :

wow beautiful. love how they can still create great music even though they have had a divorce. dedicated to music they are!


vintageveggie :

i grew up with this lovely band in durham! some of my fondest memories in high school were seeing their shows. one of my crowning moments was dancing with kelly on stage. they both have such life and make wonderful music.

Annebeth :

ooooh I love couples that make music together. Very White Stripes of them to keep it going after the break up! :D