Blue Velvet

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1990s Velvet Dress-Darling Vintage::  Eyelet Blouse- 1940s Vintage:: Hat-1950s Vintage:: Tights-American Apparel:: Shoes- F21:: Purse- 1950s Vintage
There is nothing I love more than a velvet dress and a boater hat. The dress is the perfect winter staple- a luxurious crushed velvet mini dress with detailing at the bodice. And I recently thrifted this navy boater beauty from a charity shop in Santa Rosa for a mere $10.00. The store is off the beaten path, and I generally find wonderful treasures hidden among piles of junk. This outfit reminds me a bit of an Edwardian schoolgirl, something that I am particularly happy about. My big toothy grin comes out for occasions like these, although it is partly fueled by the three cups of coffee I eagerly consumed before snapping these photos.


vanda :

What a NICE dress, love the lovely hat that goes so well with it!!!!

jess :

That hat is adorable.

JennaStevie :

Absolutely in love with this dress, it's gorgeous. And that hat is so great!! Love finding treasures like this

ConstantlyAlice :

That dress is so pretty (and it looks so comfy too!) Perfect combination :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

You definitely have a never-ending supply of enviable velvet dresses. : )

Chaucee :

That hat is awesome! I've been on the hunt for a good hat this winter. I can't wait until I find one!


That hat is a dream! I love the styling on this outfit.

Amber :

gorgeous dress. velvet is so underrated.

Jo :

Wow wow wow! The first photograph of you is truly stunning, Jenny! <3 I love your velvet dress of course, and the hat goes perfectly!

Lost in the Haze

Matthew :

Velvet is quite fitting for you. And the blue boater hat is my favorite! You look ever so beautiful.

Jamie Rose :

You look so adorable and happy in these pictures. I love your crushed velvet dress and that awesome hat!

Josie :

Such a cute outfit - reminds me of an Edwardian school girl too, or a Playmobil person if you remember the Victorian ones of them?

Maria Ramona :

i agree--a caffeine buzz (or any kind of buzz really) is always good for pictures, isn't it! i just love this layered look and you just can't beat velvet especially for this time of year.

and yes, cocktails sound good just give me a shout when you're free. plus, i have still yet to meet your partner in crime. ;)

Julia :

Love the hat-- it tops off the outfit! Haha... bad joke. But really, it's darling!

Cup of Tea

Lydia :

Aw so cute!

elanor, :

you have a very pretty smile...:) the velvet is gorgeous, and i love your hat. sometimes i wish i had long hair again because hats tend to look better with more hair...oh well!

islabell :

best outfit ever.
epic woman. epic.
p.s. we know the plan for sunday yet?

Jul :

Wow, this dress is like a dream :) and it fits you amazingly. I also like the boater hat!
Thanks a lot for your kind comment on my blog :) it made me blush!

SomeoneLikeYou :

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny... you never cease to amaze me with your impeccable collection of vintage hats and dresses! I've been scourging my thrift stores for the perfect little velvet dress, but one cannot be found... This one is just perfect though. It truly suits you! xx

Sarah :

You seem highly justified in loving both items because they're AWESOME. I love the dress and while I don't know that I could rock a hat like that, you certainly do.

Marisa Noelle :

The velvet dress and boater are a match made in heaven...altogether adorable!!

Annebeth :

I am on a huge velvet kick right now. Lovely!!

Stephanie :

Pretty jumper dress!

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

I just adore that velvet dress Jenny! Your layering skills are magnificent, and ugh, I'm so jealous of all your vintage clothes and hats Jenny!