Holiday Cheer

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There is nothing better than spending the holidays with friends. These are a few snapshots from a very fancy holiday party that I hosted at my apartment a few weekends ago. With over 14 dozen homemade cookies and tasty treats, we sang Christmas carols and sipped on cocktails. I borrowed a few holiday decorations from my mom, many of which were my grandmothers from the 1950s and 1960s. I have a penchant for kitschy holiday items, and I couldn't have been happier with the metallic candle wreaths and holly cake decorations. I hope everyone had a very happy weekend!


Dial V for Vintage :

Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! :)

Jul :

Aww this sounds and looks like the perfect Christmas party! Tender bunnies, cookies, amazing and stylish perfect :)
Happy holidays girls!
Life is a romantic poem

Megan :

Happy Holidays!

Nichole :

That looks like such a lovely soiree! I hope you had a great holiday!

Deni :

lovely post!


Amber :

that looks like such a fun party and I love that everyone came dressed to impress ;)

Rae Veda :

What an adorable Christmas party. I love everyones dresses. Super cute. xo, rv

Jo :

It looks like such a fun wee Christmas party <3 and your rabbit is so so so adorable!

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dear winsome :

love the vintage decorations,i have an obsession too haha looks like we both collect vintage amber glass..and bunnies!


Grace :

Aww looks like you had a swell Christmas! What kind of camera do you use? I love it!

Hope you had a great Christmas!


Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic :

ohmygosh your bunnies.

gee :

lawd, you and your bunny is making my heart melt into a big ole' puddle of mush.
i realllly wish i lived closer to you beautiful women.
i do believe the best times would be had with you gals.
hope your holidays were perfect and beautiful. <3
love ya..

Two Happy Hearts :

beautiful! what a fancy christmas. you all look adorable :)

islabell :

Jen, your hair looks so pretty! <3 <3
And so does your home! Love those ornaments.
Wish I had been there.
Also, bravo on the sequencing on this post. Its flows beautify.

Rebeccak :

This looks amazing! You guys are all totally addable (AND BUNNIES!!!)

Merry Christmas to you both!

Lydia :

I love everyone's Christmas outfits! It's so nice when your friends will dress up with you.

The Daily Fashionista :

This party looks positively wonderful!! Love those metallic wreaths too!

Superstition Vintage :

Oh man...I can't stop laughing at your bunnies! They are so cute. Your party does look very fancy and very fun! Great post.

Superstition Vintage

annikavictoria :

That green plaid dress is so amazing! I love these photo too :) Happy New years!

kori :

How perfect! Love these photos!

cheraynatalie :

Looks like so much fun! Hope you enjoyed the holiday season!
<3 Cheray x

Laura :

Oh my! Cute cute bunnies!

Also, love the red sweater vest on your friend. The whole outfit is great. Guys can be fashionable too!