Pinky (and the Brain)

pink coat 1
When I found this little gem of a vintage coat at the thrift store I must admit that I gave a little squeal of delight. The vibrant hot pink color is what first caught my eye. Trying it on, I was then drawn to the darling cut and style of the coat. Upon closer inspection of the little geometric buttons and back detailing I just knew it had to be mine. Wearing such a fun, bright color helps combat the feelings that can come with the dreary winter weather of December. 

I decided to wear my coat over another new addition to my closet, my pretty, silk T.B.A. dress. Purchased during the last Ladies Night at Mira Mira, it's fast becoming one of my favorite dresses in my closet. It has a great silhouette and how could you not love that sweet little collar? I added some ladylike accessories with bow detailing and had the perfect outfit for a holiday work party. I can't believe that tomorrow it will already be Christmas Eve. I'll be working but I hope everyone else has a wonderfully festive evening. 
Coat: 1960s Vintage, Thrifted
Dress: T.B.A., Mira Mira
Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo, Thrifted
Tights: Trina Turk
Bag: Vintage
Listening to: Hounds of Love/ Kate Bush
back vintage coat detail
tba dress collage
vintage shoes and bag
TBA dress last


AngeliqueDama :

WOW!I'm in love with that pink coat and bag! Absolutely perfect!

Natalie Leung :

wow what a cute look :) love the simple sweetness :D


islabell :

pinky and the brain brain brain brain brain. AHHHHHH ANNALISE! You! I miss you! Awww, i love this post, and you know I love that coat as well as your pretty new black frock. I'm getting thirft withdrawal aready so we should plan a trip to the mother trip as well as wildpepper and champagne. xx

Em :

Fantastic outfit--every piece of it & the accessories. The coat is super cute. Though I haven't looked into it, I heard that Kate Bush will being coming out of hiatus--love her and her eccentric, big voice.


awe wow, I love everything about this outfit, especially the coat but I am sure you knew that already ;)

Merry Christmas!




Sparks In Spring :

Thats one stunning pink coat, couldn't be more perfect without the cute cutout stockings! :) :)

FineandFeathered :

ah! that coat is GORGEOUS! so is that dress:)

Lydia :

That coat is so classic and pretty. What a great find. And I love your tights!

JennaStevie :

I love pinky and the brain! Just as much as this coat!! What a gorgeous colour, so great with the patterned tights and that wonderful silk dress

Mandi :

So cute! I love the color of your hair paired with that pink coat. Especially with the lace tights. You look like a Valentine. :)

Jamie Rose :

Oh wow this pink coat is amazing! Such a pretty, vibrant color. I love how your patterned tights look with it.

SomeoneLikeYou :

Oh are a total dream in this coat...So, so lovely!

P.S. LOVE the pinky and the brain reference! I adored that show :D

Laura @ The World Looks Red :

This coat is amazing!

Emily. :

amazing coat! what a lovely find. i never find anything as nice as that. haha. i need to sharpen my thrifting skills, for sure!


Jo :

Ohh man, that coat is AMAZING! <3 and I'm so excited there is another pinky and the brain fan out there! Me and Barnaby ALWAYS quote them! 'what do you want to do today?' 'the same thing we do every day.. try to take over the world' (it is a daily thing we say!)

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

M :

you have such a classic look!
i commend you!
thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog too!
happy holidays!
come by again :)
i'll for sure be visiting here!
and i miss that show! (pinky & the brain!)ha


Rae Veda :

I love that pink jacket! It's so so cute. xo, rv

The Daily Fashionista :

I would've died and gone to heaven if I found that coat at my local thrift. It's so gorgeous :)

PS you got the most catchy tv cartoon song stuck in my head!!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage :

I would have squealed too, tres LOUD. Lovely with black.

Skinny Moonstick :

I LOVE that the gorgeously pink coat is thrifted, and the Ferragamo shoes too!!! Oh, I know that delighted feeling of a great thrifty score!!! You look absolutely stunning from head to toes!
I am new follower too :) we thrifty vintage girls must stick together!
Have a lovely holidays!
Good luck!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop :

PHWOAR! Love it from top to toe!

Justalazymorning :

soooo cute!!

Desiderio Bianco :

how cute are these pictures (:

Annebeth :

If you ever get tired of this coat, please let me know. I'll buy it off ya fo sho. Gorgeous! and that dress! gah! merry christmas babe :)

Kelly Marie Preston :

That pink coat is WAY too pretty. Dying.

Flashes of Style :

Loveee those tights!

Happy Holidays!



Evi :

You look absolutely amazing!!!

Merry Christmas..!!!

Evi xoxo

Carla Violet :

oh wow that pink coat is such a wonderful find! i love how the color look so lively!

happy holidays!

Jul :

Pinky and the Brain is one of my favourite cartoons ever!! :) And oh my, that coat is gorgeous, I can understand why you squealed when you found it :D I also love your dress and tights- amazing!!
Life is a romantic poem

Squared :

Wow! love your hair so much!

Monique :

Love the entire outfit and your hair looks amazing lady! Happy Holidays!

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

Annalise, that coat is so absolutely beautiful! I am so jealous. I never have much luck with coats while out thrifting.