Plaid and Fur

I must admit that I am rather a silent observer when it comes to the holiday season.  Growing up, I celebrated both Chanukah and Christmas to honor the traditions of both my father and mother. And while I still celebrate both holidays with my family, I haven't had a Christmas tree since I was 11, and my menorah has sat neglected in my kitchen cabinet since college. Hoping to start a few traditions of our own, Matthew and I decided to embrace the good cheer this year. We went Christmas tree shopping earlier in the month, and we decorated our Douglas Fir with gold and red ornaments. My menorah is also set up in my living room, already lit to celebrate the first two nights of Chanukah.

Infusing a little holiday spirit in my wardrobe, I wore this lovely plaid dress with velvet detailing. As Winter approaches, my vintage furs make their way from storage into my closet. This vintage mink stole is a favorite of mine, perfect for the brisk weather or a holiday celebration.
Dress: Thrifted, Altered
Pin: Vintage
Mink Stole: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage
Purse: Vintage
Tights: American Apparel
Listening to: Building all is Love/ Karen O and the Kids




Very cute outfit doll! I love that fur scarf :)

Sparks In Spring :

The pretty fur number adds so much character to your outfit, its my favorite accessory too!

Kate :

Lovely lovely outfit! Love your brooch and fur scarf!!

his_girl_friday :

Fur is totally cool as long as it's vintage fur. Gorgeous.

Lydia :

This is a perfect combo. And I love the detail in your bag. Yay for holiday cheer!!! It's so fun, if nothing else, and the decor is so pretty this time of year-- why wouldn't you??!!

AnnneXx :

Nice outfit! <3

Chloe Trayner :

That's a gorgeous dress. I'd love to live in your closet, you've got such great items!
I think it's really good you've got lots of different traditions, everybody has their own now and as long as it's a reason to celebrate, nothing else matters :)

Rebecca :

This is the most perfect winter dress. i think starting up new traditions is such a great idea.

Jo :

I think it is wonderful you celebrate both traditions! : ) and I love your dress! The plaid is so gorgeous!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

French Press VINTAGE :

love that purse to the maxxx

Annie :

LOVE this outfit with a capital L! That dress is so cute and so is your bag...and faux fur? Awesome. Excited I found your blog...such cute style :)

The Other Side of Gray

SomeoneLikeYou :

How darling you look! (But I suppose that is nothing new). This fur wrap truly suits you. Such a lovely holiday look this is! xx

gee :

you are so beautiful Jen!
love the fur you added to the dress.
traditions are a wonderful thing.
i really hope you have an amazing holiday!! <3333

Shannon :

Beautiful! Perfect for the holidays.

little henry lee :

i love your bow handbag, so cute!

Monique :

The cut and print of this dress is so cute. Cheers to starting new traditions!

jany :

Very cute doll love your print
toronto limos

Jamie Rose :

That plaid dress is adorable and I love how you made it more festive with the vintage fur. I got an old mink scarf thing from my grandma last year but it's one of those scary ones with heads. haha

Yuliya :

Très jolie tenue :)

helen @ thelovecatsINC :

this dress is beautiful!

definitely going to follow your blog!

best wishes, helen @ thelovecatsINC

out of order :

you are so fabulous! I love all the deetz :)
happy holiday season

Annebeth :

Loving this mad men outfit, you look so peggy and peggy = BOSS! merry xmas!

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

I adore this look Jenny! That plaid dress is incredible, and so is your fur stole! :) Glad you found a was to merge both holidays together to celebrate them this year! :)

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

I adore this look Jenny! That plaid dress is incredible, and so is your fur stole! :) Glad you found a was to merge both holidays together to celebrate them this year! :)