Polkadot Pop

polkadot 1
Matthew and I picked up our Christmas tree last week and the house is filled with the lovely holiday scent of pine and evergreen. Decorating the tree is one of my favorite traditions and this year was no different. We can't place any of our ornaments too low on the tree because, as we learned last year, they are just too tempting for little puppies to chew on. The same goes for Christmas presents...they can't sit under the tree if they want to survive.

This dress was actually a Christmas present from a couple years ago from Matthew's family. His mother knows just what I like! I love all the darling little polkadots on this dress and wanted to add some more pops of color with the green clutch and bright pink "flatforms". I'm terrible at walking for very long in high heels so these platforms are a great solution. I get the height I like without the danger to my ankles. Perhaps another pair is just the thing I need to add to my Christmas list. 
Dress: Gift
Shoes: Nordstrom
Clutch: Thrifted
Listening to: Kind Of A Drag/ The Buckinghams
polkadot close up collage
polkadot bag and shoes
polkadot tree collage
shoes close up


vanda :

Loving the dress(can't be wrong with polka dots!!), those great shoes that you combined with that lovely clutch!!! DELICIOUS!!!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Aw you look adorable! I seriously love those shoes... pink and orange is one of my favourite colour combinations. And I'm also awful at walking in heels. Meanwhile, that dress is great; it's always nice when a dress has sleeves and those sheer ones are pretty magical.

And hurray for the smell of fresh pine trees. : )

Lola :

Oh I'm in love with this outfit!! I love how you've teamed a pair of quirky shoes with a somewhat reserved dress, it all looks perfect together!

Lydia :

Wow, what a good present! I'm pretty impressed they got you this cute dress. And I love your shoes.

gee :

i have and love this dress.
you look absolutely beautiful in it.
you really can never have a bad day wearing polka dots! ;P
plus, THOSE shoes are AMAZING!
i really need to start branching out in my shoes collection and add more color.

LoveCharlesVintage :

I'm dying, those shoes are so incredible.

Julia :

What fabulous shoes!! They're a great POP to all of the black! :)

Cup of Tea

Danielle :

Your dress is gorgeous, you can't ever go wrong with polka dot dresses ;-D. The clutch and shoes look amazing together aswell!

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

I absolutely adore those shoes! Wow. Also, that dress is just delightful! :)

dear winsome :

love the pretty polka dots and subtle pops of color!



Those shoes are divine! You look so cute :)

Gracey at Fashion for Giants :

Oh, what a fun dress. And your styling is just perfect with the hot pink shoes and green clutch. Love!

Jo :

Oh man, your dress is gorgeous! <3 I love the bright shoes too! It adds such a quirky edge to your outfit!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

BresBaubles :

Beautiful!!! Love your style and the look is perfect! What kind of tights are those? I need them.


Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Your dess is gorgeous but even cuter are those shoes I am in love at first sight!

Amy He :

aww your blog is very sweet. love this outfit. thanks for the lovely comment xx

Mabel :

What a pretty dress! And those shoes!!!

Mabel Time

Kathleen :

I didn't realize how perfectly your shoes match the polka dots until I saw the close-up. So pretty! I will have to give flatforms a try sometime too.

PuppyLovePrincess :

such a cute dress! multicolor polka dots are my favorite... they remind me of the rainbow sprinkles you put on sugar cookies or ice cream :)

amy :

This blog! I could go on and on about how fabulous you two are. Your outfits are etched with quirkiness and elegance!

keep being you
hum hum hum

sending you happy spells


Marisa Noelle :

Simply too sweet for words. I love seeing other bloggers embrace bright colors like this in their wardrobe...especially in the winter time when everything is gray and dreary. The way you paired the different colors/accessories together was brilliant!

Brittany :

Gorgeous! I absolutely love those shoes, such a quirky/cute surprise! xx

Rhe Beep :

You look so cute! I really love this outfit. The shoes and bag pull the outfit together and give so much color against the black. Thanks for the comment. I'm following you now!

Lidiya :

The dress is absolutely gorgeous, I adore polka dots! And the shoes are fabulous, I love their bright, contrasting colours <3

Angela :

In love with your dress! :)


Jamie Rose :

Your dotted dress is adorable! I love it. Those shoes are perfect with it too. They're so bright and cute. I don't usually like flatforms, but I would definitely wear these!

Dawn :

Your hair looks stunning. great color and cut. Saw your photos at mousevox. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

Courtney :

ADORABLE!! I love this entire outfit. You both have so much style.