Sunday Sounds: Ella Fitzgerald

If there is one record that it is frequently played at my apartment, it is Porgy & Bess, the 1957 collaboration between Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Their recording of Gershwin's "Summertime" is arguably the best jazz vocal rendition of the song. With a vocal range spanning three octaves, she has one of the most distinctive voices in music. And as the weather gets a little colder, I find myself listening to Fitzgerald during evenings spent at home. Her voice is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, making it the perfect accompaniment for holiday parties and winter celebrations.


Clara Turbay :

Stunning blog keep doing it!

Lola :

A big fan of jazz music, definitely checking this out!

LeighFreda. :

Great post, I love Ella :) such class! xxx

tegan :

gorgeous blog!

i love ella fitzgerald :')


Monique :

You've motivated me to pull out some Ella records.

French Press VINTAGE :

love the pic with marilyn! I love ella. and nina. and billie, especially on sunday mornings and on old, somewhat scratchy records.