Sunday Sounds: Phantogram

Phantogram 1
Phantogram is an American electronic rock band formed by two friends in Saratoga Springs, New York. Inspired by artists like The Cocteau Twins, David Bowie and John Frusciante, the band has been described as having a "street beat, psych sound". The two practice and write their songs in an even more remote area than where they live. 75 miles into the wilderness is their cabin, where they create experimental songs with trippy beats, spacey keyboards and airy vocals. The bleak yet breathtaking setting surrounding their studio comes through in their newest album, Nightlife, which just came out in November of this year. I'm still trying to decide which song is my new favorite. 
phantogram 2
phantogram 3
phantogram 4
phantogram 5


Kate :

Amazing photos! They sound so cool, I'll definitely have a listen to their songs!

Tonya :

I love Phantogram too <3 They have such a unique sound, it's hard no to love them!

dina vanessa mercado :

fantastic pics!!! they are very awesome and absolutely unique... their songs are really lovable... enjoyed your blog, following you now..

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M :

thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog! your blogs great!!! will be checking in with you from now on! xo