Back to Basics

We've decided to return back to the basics: our love for photography, fashion, San Francisco, and vintage.  We are creatively inspired by our surroundings, and we would like to share more of these happenings on this space. In addition to fashion-related posts, we will be sharing pictures from our travels in Northern California, thrifting trips, and our adventures around the city.

A special thank you to the very talented Lucy Meyle for designing the new header and Ana Degenaar for her creative work. 


Courtney :

I really like the new design. Nice and clean. Look forward to your posts.

Rebeccak :

Love the new logo!

dear winsome :

awesome, can't wait!!


Bre :

I love the Bay area and can't wait to see what you photograph!

The Daily Fashionista :

This new layout and blog format is so exciting!! I think I'll love your blog more than I already have :)

Kitsune-kun :


Lucy :

Looking super great guys :)

Lyndall :

I'm loving this new design! I think your concept for your posts sounds wonderful, I can't wait~

Jo :

Oh goodness - I actually thought I'd stumbled onto the wrong blog! Haha! : ) I absolutely love it, ladies! It looks so so good!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

lucia m :

love it!!

lucia m :

love it!!

Anna :


Jennifer King :

The new look is great. I love it and think it works really well. I'm also excited to read most posts like the ones you talked about. That's actually the kind of stuff I've been wanting to read!

Mallory :

i love the header so much. branches = wonderful. come to think of it, a dress in a print with those branches.... that'd be oh so very attractive.

gee :

love the new look ladies.
i love blogs with a simple and clean look.
love ya both. :)

Rebecca :

Really like the new header and the clean pared down look.Very much enjoy you SF posts so looking forward to more.

Sarah :

amazing photo!!!!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

It all looks great, and I like my style blogs with a dose of travel (obviously). : ) Love the new logo too!

Rachel - Firebird :

wonderful idea - San Francisco and California are amazing, I look forward to you sharing more of them

Jazz :

You ladies are very inspiring.

The Midwest Muse :

That's so awesome! I can't wait to see more of your beautiful photography.

Jessica L. :

I hope to visit San Fran again! And wherever this magical place is- I need to find it! -Jessica

dusanabotswana :

Yay! Sounds like Hummingbird Girls will only get better, can't wait to get more inside peeks at your adventures around town and already loving the beautiful forests and your pictures.