Bridge to Terabithia

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creek in the woods
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Coat- A Fine Day for Sailing Vintage:: Blouse- Vintage:: Skirt- Thrifted:: Boots- Thrifted
Growing up, I was not only an avid camper but a pretty serious reader as well. Being outdoorsy and a bookworm may not seem to make much sense at first, but in fact they go hand in hand. Both are quiet and peaceful. Plus, where else can you loose yourself for hours and find a yourself in a new magical world so different from your every day life? One of my all time favorite books is "Bridge to Terabithia" where the two main characters are able to loose themselves (or find themselves) in the magical mystery of the woods. As much as I love an escape to the wilderness, it's important to stay warm. I was very thankful for the super cozy coat that I borrowed from Isla. It was the perfect thing for exploring the forest and finding my way over the bridge to my own Terabithia. 


gee :

i am pretty sure we might be the same person. ;)
i love love love that book. (also the giver)
beautiful pictures Annalise. i love this location.
nature+plaid= pure loveliness.
have a wonderful week love.

triskelos :

such a pretty peacefull photos! I was an ourdoorsy bookworm myself - loved to hide in my great grandma's garden, under apple trees and read for hours)
The coat is lovely! <3

MarieStella :

gorgeous coat and skirt!! wonderful pictures!!

Jenni :

Beautiful pictures. I love your coat! The collar is perfect. Love your skirt, too. I'm the same way--I used to love camping and reading, but alas, my partner is a total homebody. I haven't gone camping in ages!

SoFashionistica :

It's always nice when you can go off to someplace quiet and comfortable where you can enjoy the luxuries of enjoying a good book and taking in all of the beautiful things that surround us. I am reading the book Wicked/Son of Witch book and I like to go off and read it by the water at the marina.

Lydia :

I love the new look, not to mention the giant photos! And these pictures are really gorgeous.

JennaStevie :

We read that book in school and I loved it so much. I love being out in the woods by myself reading or listening to music and just exploring.
Your plaid skirt is soo amazing and looks so great with that coat. Such an incredible combination :)

Hannah :

Such lovely photos! I definitely get the Bridge to Terabithia vibe. Although that book totally killed me. I must have forgot how traumatizing it was and went to see the movie a few years ago. I think I bawled for a good 30 minutes in the theater. Oof.

6roove :

gosh, amazing coat <3

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

I love that book and I even liked the movie as well. That coat is Purrrfect, I love it!

his_girl_friday :

Bridge to Terabithia is such a great book! One of the best ever. And I love these woodsy shots.

The Midwest Muse :

The blog has changed so much since my last visit!

And your hair is always so beautiful. Wonderful color and I love love that skirt. The colors and the design are perfect.

elanor, :

that was certainly a good's been years since i've read it though!

this is such a cute, youthful outfit! i think it's the skirt that makes me think that. i really love it. :)

The Daily Fashionista :

I'm sad to say I've never read that book! Sounds like something I'd enjoy so I might just pick it up and read this week.

Your photos and outfit are just wonderful. I love the coat!

Monique :

i love bridge to terabithia. i read it with my younger students a few years back and they loved it to. such a great book. goodness these photos are magical. i'd love to explore an enchanted forest.

Orchid Grey :

these photos are so lovely, and that coat is amazing!

Linda :

That. Coat. Is. Divine.
Love it!

Jamie Rose :

That skirt is so cool! So is the location for these pictures. It definitely reminds me of Bridge to Terabithia.

decenzo-cordova photography :

I loved that book as a young lady! A wonderful escape...

Maria Ramona :

i remember reading that book! the name of it anyway. :) such a fresh new look to your blog btw. love it!

FashionFreak/Mihaela :

I really love your blog^^

I'd love you to join my giveaway^^

dear winsome :

amazing photos, this location is so perfect! growing up we used to camp almost every weekend..i did a lot of reading too! picked up a super similar vintage coat at the sa a few days ago haha love your outfit!


Caitlin :

beautiful coat!

and i love the new blog layout.
nicely done ladies!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

I've never read that book but I'll have to give it a try! And I love the shape and pattern of your skirt. : )

Jacqueline From Da Block :

Thank you for the comment on my post! You're hot and I love the skirt and your hair is sick!

xx Jacqueline

Wild Flower :

Really beautiful Anna! I couldn't have picked a better plaid to wear in mossy redwood forest. I think I read that book long ago, but can't recall any details. :( I'll have to check it out again! I love reading as well!


Lucy, Dear Fish :

Damn girl, that's a mighty fine coat you've got there!

dusanabotswana :

Like Jen's for some reason I esp love the picture of your back- it's like your really are going to get lost in the woods. You girls are incredible photographers, I just loved these! Beautiful coat & boats & darling skirt as well. & I know what you mean, I was a major outdoorsy bookworm as well growing up : )