A Fine Day for a Guest Post

We're at A Fine Day for Sailing.

P.S. If you're in the Bay Area on Friday, you can find us at Photobooth on Valencia and 23rd Street at 7pm for a tintype photography gallery opening. We would love to see you there!


CheckMyFashion :

very nice picture. both girls look very chic and in a stylish vintage style! love it so much! hope one day i could visit valencia ;)

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SoFashionistica :

I saw a flier for this gallery showing and I wish I could go and meet you two, however on Sunday it's my birthday so this week will be filled with things happening and stuff. I hope to meet you two soon! Have fun and you both look gorgeous!

Abby Lee :

Love the red velvet dress! x

Emma :

LOVE the velvet! Man, do I ever wish I lived near the Bay Area :)

Natalie Leung :

fantastic photo, and I love that other blog! nice :D

Mitha Komala :

both of you look so pretty and gorgeous. i love that velvet red dress, so stunning! i love your blog. xx

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