Forest Walk

R1- 3A
Currently wishing for these lovely outfits- just some of my fashion daydreams over the past few weeks from Polyvore. 


SarahsStyleWatch :

I really loved this post :) It was put together beautifully.
Can you tell me how you get the photos of the clothes to sit together the way you have? I find it hard to place my photos like on my blog.

little moon lover :

great items.. I think I want that clock !!

Midwest Mayhem :

Oh perfection! Love these!

Jamie Rose :

Fantastic outfits. I'm really loving the last one with the novelty print blouse. How fun!

Tonya :

LOVE both of these looks, I want them now! haha The bird blouse it so cool!

vintageveggie :

gosh these items are the most gorgeous. and i am loving your new layout.

Raquel T.G. :

Such warm and peaceful outfits :)
Love your look on your previous post -you have found amazing vintage pieces!

gee :

love both of these looks.
of course, that bird blouse is fabulous!!
have a wonderful weekend. <333

Sonia :

Those outfits are so beautiful, you have incredible taste, I love your blog x

Abigayel Bryce :

i couldn't decide which post to comment on because theyre all awesome!! this first outfit here is... something i wouldn't take off!

your blog is super lovely : ) going to follow so that i can see what other beautiful stuff you have to post !


Jazz :

Daydreaming and sightseeing.

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries :

I love walks in the woods :) the first outfit is my fav! x

Phuong :

love the items!

Travel in Style

Lidiya :

The second look is gorgeous, I love how the blouse is a printed bird pattern, gorgeos and so unique <3

MK. :

Thanks for you comment!
I followed you. I love all the items you've posted here. So inspirational!


dear winsome :

love these! the colors in that cape are fantastic!