Not All Who Wander Are Lost

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Cape- 1960s Vintage :: Dress- F21 :: Bag- 1970s Vintage :: Shoes- Thrifted :: Belt- Gift 
After the rain in San Francisco, it has been too wet for a romp in the woods. But it was finally clear enough to venture out without an umbrella, and I seized the opportunity to visit one of the local parks near my neighborhood. It was wonderful to see the sun, with the lighting particularly lovely in the later hours of the day. I can't wait for more warm weather and sticking to my resolution of taking my dog to the park more often. 


Jazz :

You guys have such a great collection of capes/ponchos, etc, lovely.

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries :

The lighting in these photos is absolutely amazing :) You look wonderfull in this pretty lace dress!

I hope you are having a fantastic day!

xo Nikki

Carys :

I love the checked cape!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

This Charming Style :

These photos are beautiful! I adore the dress, and the cape is awesome too. xx

kiss me quick :

such a lovely dress ^^

those colors are lovely on you!


SoFashionistica :

I'm glad it cleared up too! I was getting tired of all thos rain and bleakness. It's time for sunshine and pretty dresses again! I can't wait for spring!

Lydia :

You guys always seem to be frolicking around in the most beautiful settings. I love the cape.

jesse.anne.o :

I love a black dress and white belt.

JennaStevie :

Wow it looks so gorgeous there!! This simple black dress with the white belt is so chic. And your plaid cape is so amazing, I love the colours

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Stunning cape and I love your mod style dress.

Rebecca :

It looks really fresh and lovely out there. the cape is great but I really love the bag, that combo of lace/fringe and pewter clasp is just amazing.

dear winsome :

best tittle of my favorite sayings! love these photos and your gorgeous cape, so pretty!


The Daily Fashionista :

I know that feeling. Where the sun wants to hide for days on end. It's just depressing and makes the photos look so drab! I love these photos in the park! That grass is so lush and pretty, makes me think spring is super close!

decimal shoes :

love the cape :D
follow my blog and i will follow you too!
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Kitsune-kun :

how beautiful! love the scenery and your outfit pops sp well!

elanor, :

that first photo is beautiful! and i just love your little black dress.

Allysa Rismaya :

ohh yesss i love it..your cape and your dress are awesome

gee :

that first picture is GORGEOUS!
i want to come and frolic with you and Jen.
(not sure if you gals frolic..but i like to. ;P)
how and where do you beautiful ladies find the most perfect capes!?!?!
have a wonderful rest of the week, Annalise.

Kirstin Marie :

Beautiful. I love your woodsy area, it's so lovely. You look beautiful, and your cape is absolutely divine.

Sophie :

Oh my I adore that cape. What a beauty!


this is just too dreamy. The fact that this is just some nbd park by where you live--i'm so jealous!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Yet again another stunning set of photos-- I'm so envious of your explorations through the magnificent San Francisco landscape. I love the color of your cape and it's perfect with the little black dress.


loving your blog, keep it up, as always!
i always love to see a new and refreshing post!


Jamie Rose :

Super cute! That plaid cape is absolutely fantastic!

Alice Barton :

hi! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! that cape is wonderful!!!! you have a new follower, too! xx decisions decisions

rach_t :

absolutely beautiful, love the cape, dress and your gorgeous hair. I have fallen in love with your wonderful blog :)

Crystal Lee :

an incredible cape! just perfect for a romp in the park. I live for sunny days too.