Red Letter Day

Skirt-1960s Vintage:: Blouse- 1940s Vintage:: Purse- 1960s Vintage:: Dog Hairclip- 1950s Vintage:: Tights- H&M:: Shoes- Gift

There is nothing better than a classic ascot blouse. I love pairing this black vintage beauty with a 1960s striped mini skirt for an everyday look. And I can't get enough of a bright coat and accessories for the winter months. And the puppy dog hairclip? I found it in a little shop during an epic thrifting trip in Idaho. We thrifted so many goodies that we had to secure our newfound treasures to the roof of my car for the twenty hour drive back to San Francisco.


Kitsune-kun :

love the trim on your sleeves! caught my eye right away. so delicate and pretty!

Elegantly Academic :

Thrifting adventures are the best. I love going on holidays that involve them!

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

The Daily Fashionista :

Cutest outfit ever!!! I love the pretty clip too.

Linda :

Oh my, take me thrifting with you!? Haha, I can't believe the gems you found. That coat is beautiful. Love the pops of red on your simple, delicate outfit. You look so pretty :)

Tonya :

Oh man...I'm in love with your coat! How do you find the best vintage things ever!? Loving it all as always :)


That puppy clip is so cute! My bf got me a little vintage mouse clip for christmas. I'm kind of scared to wear it because I'm convinced it will fall out of my hair though :X

Rebeccak :

I love that little hair clip! Such a sweet detail. I am feeling like a big sweaty blob at the moment... kind of wishing I was rugged up in tights!

dear winsome :

so cute! sounds like the perfect friend and i went on an epic thrift adventure last spring in sc and ended up almost not fitting in the car!


JennaStevie :

I love this blouse, I've got my eye out for one like this. Looks great with the skirt and your gorgeous coat

Jo :

Ohh, I love that coat! <3 It reminds me of the arrow print Anthropologie coat which has been making the rounds lately!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Jenni :

I love ascot blouses. I could wear them every day. You look great! Love your hair clip. :D

Skinny Moonstick :

Looking so lovely and sweet! Loving the pop of red, and the blouse is very stunning along the skirt and hair clip! You look absolutely gorgeous!
Good luck!

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries :

These photos are so pretty :) I love the place where you took them. x

Angie :

love it! the hairclip (if that's what it's called?) is so lovely!

xoxo Angie

Pretty Things :

super cute shirt, so wish they had some thrift stores over here rather than the usually overpriced charity shops


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

I feel like that's not the silhouette we usually see you in, but you look fantastic. Loving the blouse, and the skirt, and the coat... so basically the outfit. : D

Amber :

lovely as always. I think bright coats in winter are a must. They bring some much needed color to dreary days. :)

Raquel :

Thanks for your comment! your look is fantastic!

gee :

jen, you always wear black so well and always look so chic. this makes me very jealous. ;P
that clip is the best hair accessory ever.
looking beautiful. have a wonderful week.

The Fashion Moodboard :

Pretty outfit! Your coat is amazing! And the pictures are really nice!

Happy monday!

Pop Champagne :

aww cute outfit, and I love thrifting, you can find so many one of a kind items!

French Press VINTAGE :

you look great! I love this outfit choice.

Maria Chloe :

Lovely photos, and your gorgeous:)

Katie Aman :

This is so beautiful! I love your gorgeous skirt. You have the greatest vintage finds!

fingers. chopsticks and bobbins :

you girls have the best places to take pictures at in the city. i love the city! and your styles:)

Monique :

I dream of thrifting in the midwest(or any where in between in nyc and cali) for the curious finds and the affordable prices. You look stunning and that hair clip is the sweetest.

Aya Smith :

You look precious!!! I love the why you've styled your pretty hair :)

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Linda :

Thanks for the lovely comment :)
You asked where I got my ring, and I picked it up from Forever 21. ;)

Chelsea Elizabeth. :

Thrifting is the best! And I love your blouse, its so pretty!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Rachel Phipps :

I love what the little bits of red add to the outfit!

SomeoneLikeYou :

Another lovely outfit from head to toe from you, little Miss. Cutie Patoutie! The little puppy clip in your hair has especially captured my heart and taken it away ❤

Jamie Rose :

That blouse really is perfect. Such a great staple item for a wardrobe. Anything with a cute collar or bow at the neck is awesome in my book! I love this top paired with the pleated skirt. Your red coat is great too.

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

You look adorable! I love that skirt Jenny!!