Running Wild

lace dress 2
In keeping with one of my New Years Resolutions of experimenting with fashion choices I decided to pull these leather and lace boots out from the the depths of my closet. I've had them for over six months but haven't worn them more than twice. This is also the first time wearing my lace dress I got on a shopping trip with Isla to Urban Outfitters during one of their epic 50% off sale sales. I love the ombre effect on the lace and the slightly longer back hem. 

Growing up a nature lover, I'm drawn to dress myself in colors and tones found in nature. I'm influenced by seasons and the colors that change with those seasons. In winter, the trees are bare and leaves are left curled and dead on the ground. In a way, the peeling paint and rusty siding of this building is reminiscent of the decaying leaves left over from autumn turning into winter. And yet among all the empty branches, there are bright patches of greenery that can be found all over the city. My necklace of acorns is a symbol of how nature renews itself every year, just as I hope to renew myself in this new year. 

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Vintage
Shoes: Nordstrom
Bag: Vintage
Listening to: Changes/ David Bowie
look down
Peeling Paint 1
necklace only
paint flakes moment
bag collage
look away


Katie Aman :

What a fantastic backdrop for this ensemble! I love how the colors work together. Beautiful!

Em :

Wow! I WANT that necklace! Loved all of the symbolism of the necklace, the colors, and the background of this post.

alexandra grecco :

love all these colors! Great photos too!


The Braided Bandit :

Loving the backdrop, shoes, and color combos.

dear winsome :

love your inspiration behind these photos..awesome outfit! i knew i should've snagged that ombre dress, so perfect with this amazing location. have a great weekend!


Linda :

Wow, your fashion risk definitely led to a gorgeous one! I love your outfit and the shoes are great :)

Maria Chloe :

Such a cute dress and purse:)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I adore how the peeling background echoes the ombre of your dress-- clever choice of setting. The acorn necklace is stunning too, I'm definitely a fan of natural motifs.

Style Servings :

Pretty dress!!

Jamie Rose :

That lace dress is so cool with the ombre effect on it. Such a cute pair of shoes too.

lucillejoy :

Love this, brill accessories and lovely dress. Unusual colours!

Rainbow Gatherer :

your hair colour and that dress fits sooo well- great combination.

wardrobeexperience :

wow. those pictures are awesome! the lace dress is so adorable too...

Lidiya :

Your dress looks absolutely gorgeous and I adore the location where you shot the photos <3

Liza :

Such a lovely backdrop for your photographs! Your necklace is so lovely!


amanda :

Love everything about this outfit, the backdrop is gorgeous to boot!

Sara S ♥ :

Hi! I love your and Jenny's blog so much that I couldn't not give you guys the Kreativ Blogger Award! It's on my blog.


seekingstyleblog :

That dress is so pretty! I love the color and the lace!

xo Jennifer

Julia :

You always find the best places to take your outfit photographs. That dress is lovely, and it goes great with the location of the photos! :)

Cup of Tea

Monique :

I love that so much symbolism in the pieces you wear and kudos to trying something new. That wall is gorgeous, it reminds me of the brightly colored houses in S. America and the Caribbean.