The Same Old Song

With the first of the year, I often do a light winter cleaning around my apartment. Last year, Matthew and I made a promise to rid our apartment of distractions. We sold our television (which is a huge distraction for me) and instead invested in additional records to our growing vinyl collection. Whenever I visit thrift stores, I always search the record selection for possibly titles to add to our library. New Order's Substance was the best record I've thrifted since it is rather expensive to buy online, and I also found a few original Beatles records at a garage sale. The hunt continues this year!

Speaking of lucky thrift store finds, I recently discovered this 1960s yellow coat for only $6.00. I haven't had as much time to thrift due to my job. But whenever I have a moment, I find myself traveling to the nearest charity shop. 

Jacket: 1960s Vintage
Shirt: 1980s Vintage
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Vintage Anne Klein
Shoes: Gift
Bag: 1950s Vintage
Listening to: The Same Old Song/ The Four Tops


AngeliqueDama :

Wow, I'm in love with your outfit! The bag, the shirt, the coat<3
Hugs and kisses

jillian m. :

Six dollars?! What a gorgeous find for such an amazing price. Any time I hear about other people scoring these wonderful deals, it inspires me to shop (which probably isn't the best idea for me right now).

Sara S ♥ :

Love the polka dots and the color combo!


Nichole :

Beautiful beautiful! Happy new year!

French Press VINTAGE :

Love this setting! And that purse is fab.

june :

The coat is so nice! So lucky to find it.

Chandra :

I got rid on my television but not I waste time on the internet... And, I am super jealous of your New Order record!

Amber :

your bag is very people still say neat...well I do.

Jaclyn T :

BIg fan of the coat!

–Jaclyn T
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Jo :

I love love love your coat, and the bag is truly amazing too! <3 You must have the most wonderful bag collection ever, Jenny!

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This look is so classic and beautiful. Florals and polka dots make a wonderful combination.

Annebeth :

omg that coat and that bag... AMAZING! you score the best deals, please become my personal shopper!

Katie Aman :

This outfit makes my heart flutter a little bit. That bag is so beautiful! I love it :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop :

LOVE this combination and all the pieces separately. :)

Matthew :

I love this combination. You look beautiful!

Jessa Belle :

Wow what a screaming deal! It looks wonderful on you as well... another plus!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

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Linda :

Oh man, I am loving that yellow coat! What a fabulous find. I just went thrifting today. I always go when I can too :) Aha, it's so fun when you find amazing clothes!
Love the polka dot top and how you paired it with that skirt. You look great!

Frannie Pantz :

With very few exceptions, I really hate tv. Good call trading it in for some music. Love your pretty skirt as well!

Jul :

Awesome find! You look great and I actually like navy and black together.
I'm so anvious of your vinyl collection! Sounds awesome.
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Heather Jean :

great outfit! and wonderful setting :)

Jenni :

Great coat! I love vintage outerwear.

Handmade by Emily :

I'm with you on the TV front. It is such a huge distraction. I only use ours to watch movies now and magically have all this new free time that I must've spent watching TV before. That is a very cute coat, especially with the polka dots, and such good condition for a vintage thrifted piece.

Happy New Year!

Emily x

Ashley Ording :

Oh, I love that last "mood shot." ;)

dear winsome :

love this coat and bag so much, such a cute outfit! i've been thrifting tons of records lately too and trying to cut back on the tv..working on it!


Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

You and Annalise find the best coats. I absolutely adore this light yellow one! Gorgeous.