Tomalas Bay

Last weekend, Matthew and I traveled to Tomalas Bay, an estuary located North of San Francisco. We are both particularly fond of oysters, but indulging in this delectable treat is rather infrequent due to its price tag. But as luck may have it, we discovered Tomalas Bay Oyster Company, a farm that specializes in fresh oysters, clams, and mussels. Instead of a traditional oyster bar, you may purchase bundles of 50 shelled oysters directly from the farm and shuck them at your leisure. We spent the day exploring the bay as well as barbecuing near the coast. The sky was a brilliant blue, and washed-up jellyfish and algae lined the beach- all wonderful sights for a rather lazy weekend.


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

It looks and sounds like an amazing weekend adventure-- I've never tried raw oysters before (only fried) but you're motivating me to hunt some down. I miss camping, it's been years since I've gone.

Well... :

Wow, sounds like a great weekend!
That's be so fun. These photos of the bay are beautiful too. Makes me want to take a roadtrip now!
Cute last photo too. <3

Two Happy Hearts :

oh, wow!! that looks like such a fun place.
what a great find with that oyster farm!

Stephanie Lin :

These are such beautiful pictures! Everything just seems so lovely!

out of order :

love that first pic!

Jazz :

mmmmm...oysters. The perks of living by the water.

t :

Nice pics!

Kultur und Stil :

wow great photos! they are very inspiring and beautiful!
thanks so much for your comment on my blog, that means so much to me!
xxx Anita

Kate :

This looks so lovely! I've never eaten an oyster but this has made me really want to try one!

Rebecca :

These photos make the place look so calm and beautiful. Also love that last photo, i thought hmm nice shoes and the suddenly noticed the jelly fish!

Rebeccak :

That Jelly fish is amazing!

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion :

These pictures made me homesick..I miss the sea :(
Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm following you return love back maybe? :)

Cailin´s Place :

Amazing pics!!!i just discover your blog and its great!you have so many great pics!What about follow each other?kisses!


Laura :

Wow, amazing pictures!

Courtney Erin :

That sounds like a really wonderful place to visit!

Courtney ~

Hannah :

This is so beautiful! Washed up jellyfish are so pretty/haunting. And shucking fresh oysters while sitting on the beach?!? Sign me up! Sounds like the perfect weekend!

bridechic :

I was in Tomales last week and it was so gorgeous. I live in San Anselmo and get out there to see family. Oysters on the half shell are one of my faves. Very lovely images and blog. I'm so glad I found your blog and will be visiting often . . .

blue roses :

wow..... just, wow. so beautiful. someone please transport me here, now.

Monique :

i love all the weekend photos you ladies have been sharing. fresh oysters sound delicious. i found them difficult to shuck in the beginning and then i got the hang of it. awesome photos.

Jamie Rose :

Wow that sounds like a wonderful day! I've never tried fresh oysters but have been wanting to for a while. I definitely will when I get the opportunity!