1960s San Francisco

My grandparents moved to San Francisco in the early 1960s, and some of my favorite photographs are from their experiences of the city. There are pictures from some of my favorite haunts- places that my grandparents also explored with an eager curiosity. Walks through Golden Gate Park, trips to the harbor, a stroll through the Japanese Tea Garden, and outings with friends to Russian Hill fill pages of carefully organized albums. These are a few of my favorite snapshots of their explorations through San Francisco. It's a serendipitous experience to return to these spots, carefully retracing the steps of my grandfather and grandmother.


ArtAfterDark :

Love these photos....life has changed so much.

dear winsome :

this is so cool, love that you have these amazing shots of them!

elanor, :

how beautiful and inspiring! i'd love to retrace my grandparents steps in a beautiful city.


wardrobeexperience :

love those shots so much...


Robyn :

I love these so much! Thanks for sharing.

out of order :

how wonderful! thank you for sharing these wonderful photos, I love the portraits of your grandparents in front of large industrial objects :)

oh, and Happy Weekend!

Elegantly Academic :

These photos are lovely! I love looking at old photographs ...

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Elegantly Academic

Lydia :

Oh gosh, I love that first shot.

Rene :

so cool, jen!

Connie :

I love imagining the story behind each of these lovely photographs. Thanks for sharing!

Valerie Enríquez :

What lovely photos to have! I love the japanese tea garden as well, I can't believe it's been around for so long x

Circus Girl (Zoë) :

What wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing! :) I love looking through my grandparent's photographs! x

Sarah :

What a difference with nowadays, the pics really look like they come right out of the '60. San Francisco is on my holiday wishlist.


Rebecca :

These are great! They are beautiful pictures anyway but having that family history must make them so much mroe precious for you.

Kyla :

These photos are so amazing...I've never been to San Fransisco, but have always wanted to go. I love hearing the history of that city :)

blue roses :

these images are incredible!!


Michal :

Wow these are so cool. It's like when I see my parents photos of NY from when they were little, it makes me have that much more attachment to the city. I really want to get back to San Francisco someday soon!

Jamie Rose :

These pictures are awesome! I never can get enough of looking at people's old photographs.

SoapyMermaid :


Cheray Natalie... :

ohhh! these photos are just gorgeous!
i love seeing photos of my grandparents
incredible x