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Jacket - Fancy Fine :: Dress - F21 :: Necklace - Dear Mina :: Boots - A Fine Day for Sailing :: Hat - Vintage Expo :: Bag - Threads 
Durring our trip to Santa Barbara a couple weeks ago, Matthew and I were lucky enough to visit the Ellwood/Coranado Butterfly Reserve. Every year during the winter months millions of butterflies migrate to the protection of the Eucalyptus groves and warmer weather. It's impossible to describe the feeling of looking up at a large branch with leaves glimmering in the sun, only to realize they are not leaves at all, but butterflies!  They glide and flutter in the air and surround you, silent and beautiful. 

While on the drive from San Francisco to Santa Barbara we stopped by the lovely little town of Morro Bay to do a little vintage shopping. I was lucky enough to find this gorgeous leather patchwork bag at Threads, as well as a couple other lovely goodies I'll be sharing soon. There seemed to be a vintage store on every block and I couldn't help but stop in to each one. If you are ever in the area be sure to stop by, you won't be disappointed. 


Well... :

Oh my word...I am in love with your fabulous jacket! ♥_♥
Its perfect! So jealous now...haha.
You styled it beautifully. Great boots too <3
Lovely as always! :)

libby :

that jacket is gorgeous! i've seen the migrating butterflies in the trees up near pismo beach and it is pretty amazing!

Frannie Pantz :

Oh my heavens, the fringe on this jacket is remarkable and the butterflies sound magnificent!

Cinnamon and White Chocolate :

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hattitude :

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

i love the photo background! i love the lacey dress!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Sophie :

Wow what a gorgeous jacket!

Kirstin Marie :

WOW! I am in love with this entire outfit & all of your photos. The way the sun is coming through is incredible. You look beautiful!

KristiMcMurry :

The butterfly reserve sounds wonderful! Maybe I'll get to visit there someday. I love the dress/jacket combination here. Very pretty!

JennaStevie :

This sounds like so much fun and a beautiful place to visit for sure. I would love to road trip around there.
I love this lace dress and velvety jacket, such a perfect combination. Absolutely gorgeous

Lucy Nation :

That fringed jacket is fantastic. Love the whole ensemble x

Elle R. :

beautiful pics and beautiful dress!! and is that a dog I see down there?? super cute =))))

Rebecca :

That jacket is amazing! Adds instant drama to your outfit. The whole vibe feel very 60s and Californian to me and i love it. Also I have a bag just like that which my mum gave me, great find.

French Press VINTAGE :

you're a super cutie.

vio :

wonderful outfit!
love this jacket!

// take a look: *MICROPHONEHEART.

Caitlin :

DYING over that jacket!!

dusanabotswana :

Wow, that forest is amazing! That fallen tree looks is just perfect for you cute outfit picture- I loove these pictures! That cape is just great as well. Last year I got to visit a butterfly reserve in Mexico- it was absolutely magical.

indie by heart :

Really lovely look. :) Love the combo of lace dress and black boots. Something girly, something rough.

Indie by Heart

MateaTPol :

WOow amazing pictures, im watching you :) btw. i like this dress, so cute!

gee :

annalise, you are beautiful!
i drool over the locations you two find.
those boots are amazing. i have been on the hunt for some myself.
have a wonderful weekend love.. <33

his_girl_friday :

Beautiful! Wonderful photos. Enviable boots.

Zoë, Lion Heart Vintage :

What an absolute babe!! I love these ethereal woodsy photos... and that red sweater... amazing.

Electric Fantastic :

Possibly my most favorite post ever. Lovely Annie <3