New York Dreaming

New York City is one of my favorite destinations to visit. When packing for my recent trip, I brought along some of my fancier vintage items for night excursions and cocktails. I always feel rather underdressed in New York in my classic San Francisco attire. Donning some of my party dresses is a welcome change from the laid back fashion of the Bay Area.


Kitsune-kun :

ahhh that yellow drreessss!!!!

Helen :

yes that yellow dress is looooovely! Also love the yellow umbrella.

ShyScout :

Ooolala. I love both dresses, how pretty.

The Jones :

Ooooh that first dress has interesting details...but that second ensemble too, oh-la-la! Would love to wear that out to the theatre in NYC.

<3 Cambria

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Im in love with both of those dresses, so stunning.

Sarah Azzouzi :

I would die from either one of those dresses. They're amazing. I really dig the styling too. I would've never thought to pair leopard print shoes with a yellow dress.

E :

Whoa, that top left dress just stole my heart!

bex :

Yes! Who makes that top dress? The sleeves are so killer.

gee :

oh my word.
you did manage to pick out two beautiful dresses for this post.
i want both of them.. swoon

KatieDidItt :

I seriously want everything here! What beautiful clothes!
PS- I totally feel underdressed when I visit NY too! They have so much flair and creativeness to their outfits!


Courtney :

if you feel underdressed in your california attire, you can imagine how underdressed i felt last time i visited from colorado... i felt like a country bumpkin. and here i feel too "urban" sometimes- all of these people in their northface jackets and stuff. it's fun to go to a city where you have an excuse to wear some fancier outfits. whenever i wear something "crazy" here, i picture that old woman from sex and the city who yells at carrie as she's walking down the street, "THAT'S a crazy outfit."