Springtime Dressing

Looking ahead to the Spring, I have been particularly inspired by 1950s and 1960s silhouettes, wide brim hats, and vibrant prints. Midcentury fashion photography by the legendary John French satisfies this longing, with appearances by Jean Shrimtpon and Celia Hammond modeling some of my favorite vintage looks for the upcoming season.  


French Press VINTAGE :

love it. thank the gods for the spring :-)

Émilie :

vraiment belles photos.. j'aimerais tant vivre dans ces années!

The Jones :

If I could, I'd wear all 50s silhouette clothing...some of those sundresses and little short sleeved numbers were just the cat's whiskers...and darling bathing suits too. So flattering compared to what we wear now!

<3 Cambria

Sweet Harvest Moon :

Every time Spring is around the corner I find myself looking at old 50s/60s photographs...

ShyScout :

These photos are so lovely and such an inspiration :]

Lyndall :

So lovely! The first photo especially, it's just dreamy~

Abigayel Bryce :

these are great photos :)! I especially love the third dress-- its like a modern (well, 1950s) take on Jane Austen-like dresses! those flowers... ahhh

xx have a lovely end to the week!

jess :

Wonderful photos. I love all the polka dots.

Jazz :


MateaTPol :

great inspiration! thank you :)

Caitie :

oh my, these photos are amazing! why can't people dress up like that anymore?!


Courtney :

these are such gorgeous images. the 50s and 60s will never get old for me. i want to wear polka dots any day everyday :)