Tea Garden

While both of us have visited the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, this was the first time we were able to explore it together. We spent Sunday afternoon drinking tea, eating edamame and arare, and meandering the gardens. The gardens were busier than usual, but we were able to snap a few photos of our lovely surroundings. 


JennaStevie :

These photos are amazing, this looks like a very awesome place! I love both of your dresses they're so pretty, and such fun prints!

Rae Veda :

That looks like so much fun. xo, rv


The Daily Fashionista :

What a neat place!!! It looks like a fun times too.

Kitsune-kun :

just gorgeous! I wanted t go here so bad when we were visiting, but we ran out of time:( we'll be spending the summer in japan so hopefully this scenery will be easy to come by!

Jo :

Ohh, this actually looks amazing! <3 I have never seen a real life Japanese garden, but want to so very badly! Another excuse to come visit perhaps! ; )

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Sara S ♥ :

I love Japanese tea gardens. There's this nice one behind a Japanese restaurant that I go to way to often here in NY. And these pictures are fantastic. Love your outfits!

dear winsome :

i love places like this, so relaxing! your outfits are adorable!


ShyScout :

Wow. What a beautiful place. I got to sit through a Japanese tea ceremony once and it was wonderful. These photos are so pretty.

Jackie :

Wow! Really beautiful place.

By Sara Romero :

How gorgeous are these photos. You ladies look straight out of the 50's and it's so cute.


out of order :

you gals look lovely! I love the lil orange dress. I need to visit the tea gardens again, I haven't been since I was nine or ten. I adored the curving bridges


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Gorgeous gorgeous photos ladies. I love how well you both coordinate with pieces of the gardens, which are absolutely stunning by the way.

Josie Chen :


Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Beautiful photos I especilaly love the reflection in the water and the fishy.

triskelos :

Amazing! The scenery is so beautiful (oh, I envy you so much, you can wear dresses in February!)))). You both look so lovely! Love the orange plaid dress so much!


Stephanie :

Goodness, this place looks amazing

Lydia :

OMG I'm pretty sure you just visited my idea of heaven!!! I want to go here soooo bad now!

chantilly :

such a beautiful place. that dress jenny is wearing is my dream :) <3

clare :

omg, i just found your blog on bloglovin and you gals are amazing! love the vintage fashion sense and gorgeous travel updates photos!


Amazing post! Beautiful! <3


Linda from www.moonon.com

French Press VINTAGE :

1) I like the redesign, girls! That's a good looking logo.
2) I love Japanese (and Chinese) gardens. A nice, quiet place of respite.
3) I love that your outfit posts are less outfit, more personality - it's a refreshingly different and very lovely approach.

The Attic People :

So beautiful. I'm a sucker for anything Japanese so a day like this would be perfect for me! Two pretty dresses as usual :)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) :

SO stunning. x hivenn

Sharnie Hung :

Such a beautiful place!

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