I've been collecting vintage owl statues for over eight years. These little owls can be found peeking out from bookshelves, dressers, and bedside tables around my apartment. The three brass nesting owls are my favorites, and I paired them with amber jars for a coffee table centerpiece in my living room. Currently, my collection is at 71 owls. With little room for all of my friends, I have stopped adding to this avian collection. But my obsession with kitschy vintage home decor hasn't stopped. Whenever I enter a thrift or antique store, I now look for rabbit paraphernalia for my apartment.


Lydia :

I collect owls too!!! And other birds as well. I have candles that look exactly like those three gold owls three pictures down.

Thea vintage :

Cute! Really likes the pair of brass owls!

vintage process :


hattitude :

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

i want to see the owls peeping out from their hiding places! what a cute idea. 8 years, your collection must be awesome!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

The Braided Bandit :

Ah! The rose owl is my favorite I think. I really like the last little golden/ brass pair too! How cute!

Zoë, Lion Heart Vintage :

I have two of the same little brass owls! SUPER cute.

Sara S ♥ :

OMG I love owls too! These are gorgeous!

dear winsome :

i love owls too! i don't have nearly as many but i do have a growing vintage animal figurine collection! i can't ever resist a sweet little kitschy face!

LyddieGal :

those are all so adorable, I can see why it's hard not to bring them home!
Chic on the Cheap

Miss Tallulah Porkchop :

Wha a delightful collection!

Menachérie :

<3 owls! This is so cool.

Caitie :

wow, 71 owls is impressive!! these little guys are so cute! I have a bunny so definitely approve of looking for fun rabbit paraphernalia :)


his_girl_friday :

What a great collection! I love owls.

Pop Champagne :

such a cute owl collection!!!