Dress- Vintage:: Hat- 1950s Vintage:: Purse- 1950s Vintage:: Shoes- 1970s Vintage:: Shirt- F21:: Cape- 1970s Vintage:: Tights- H&M
Selecting vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe is always a playful experience. Over the weekend, the Vintage Expo set up shop in San Francisco, and I spent Saturday morning rummaging through some of the finest selection of vintage in the country. Since the Expo travels to San Francisco in both the Fall and Spring, I often shop for pieces that reflect my mood for the upcoming season. Collars, 1930s lace bed coats, and lively patterns were some of my current choices. And of course no Vintage Expo experience is complete without a very special outfit. I selected a colorful vintage minidress- a birthday gift from Miss Ashley- and paired it with a 1970s camel cape to keep warm in this rather blustery weather.


Melanie Lea :

This outfit doesn't even look vintage! I was really shocked to see that almost all of it predates the 1970s. You look great little mama! LOVE the cape : )


stuph :

always so pretty. :) i love the cape.

Ana :

That cape is amazing!!! I love it! Such a darling outfit.

AnaCloud Vintage

JennaStevie :

I absolutely adore this cape, it's such an amazing piece!! And the print on this dress is so wonderful, such a fun piece

Sara S ♥ :

That cape is so awesome! I love the print on your dress!

Sarah :

That does it. I a.) need a cape; and b.) need to go vintage shopping RIGHT THIS MOMENT. You're lovely as ever. (:

sweet harvest moon :

Beautiful cape!

Sabrina T. :

stunning pics!

new look on
Patchwork à Porter

Christina :

beautiful! This spot is so fantastic - both me and Rachel did our outfit picture there too!

Sooooooo much fun hanging out. We have to do happy hour sushi again soon!

Sharmaine Ruth :

oh wow! you look lovely!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

pucefanatic :

Your bag is perfect ♥
xoxo from Paris


LOVE LOVE LOVE. The bowtie neckline is just darling,

Alyssa :

great outfit!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

you have the best vintage dresses! i particularly love this one!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Matthew :

its just a lonely green wall for most of the year except on the two days every year when you stop by after the vintage expo and turn a dirty sidewalk into a runway. I love you in full fitted sleeves! adorable as always.

Lucy In The Sky :

Gorgeous! Such darling shoes and that cape is just beautiful!

Crystal Lee :

cute, cute, dress, and such a lovely mix of eras.

out of order :

what an adorable collar, you look fabulous <3


Yuliya ♥ :

You look fabulous ♥

Crissy :


Jazz :

Check out that cape!!

chloe :

aw shucks, that's a great lime green door! And that dress is cuuuute, it suits you so well!

decimal shoes :

cute cape and love the dress!

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Afterglow Cosmetics :

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dusanabotswana :

Love how it looks like someone drew on the pattern of that dress, so fun & pretty! Amazing cape as well, you two have got me swoonin every time : )

Jamie Rose :

Such a fun little vintage dress! It looks so cute on you. I love the hat paired with it too.

Ruby Girl :

Lovely outfit! That coat is so chic!! Xoxo linds of www.rubygirlblog.com

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

I am in love with your dress. The pattern is gorgeous. I love the painterly aspect. :)