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Pants - Thrifted :: Boots - Miz Mooz :: Blouse - Vintage :: Cardigan - Mousevox :: Bag - Thrifted :: Necklace - Gift
The Legion of Honor was completed in 1924, as a three-quarter-scale version of a Parisan building of the same name. The Palais de la Legion d'Honneurone is one of the distinguished 18th-centruy landmarks on the left bank of the Seine. In a statement delivered to the Board of Park Commissioners on 5 January 1920, Adolph B. Spreckels, who gifted the building to San Francisco, declared it was the purpose of “my wife and myself to contribute to the beautification of our native city something not only beautiful in itself, but also something devoted to patriotic and useful ends: something which might be dedicated as a suitable memorial to our brave boys who gave their lives to their country in the Great War, and also lend itself, as a home of art and historical treasures, to promoting the education and culture of our citizens, and especially the rising and coming generations."

For our trip to the museum I decided to wear my 1970's cardigan that I got at the last Golden Collective Sale from Rachel of Mousevox Vintage. It just so happens that I recently thrifted these 1970's inspired jeans on my last visit to the Salvation Army. My owl bag is an old favorite, and the necklace is a gift that is fast becoming a new favorite. Do you have a current closet favorite? 


Marguerite :

Beautiful...the outfit and the pictures! Such perfect 70s Jeans are so hard to find (still searching!)

KristiMcMurry :

I'm not even a big owl fan, but I have to say that bag is STELLAR. Also, those jeans are so incredible. Your legs look sooooo nice and long!

Courtney :

That bag is absolutely awesome! xx

Frannie Pantz :

This is a gorgeous bag indeed and I love your casual look today. May I also say that I have quite enjoyed the integration of history and landmarks in your blog lately. Great photos and so great to get a background as well!

Serena :

Oh my goodness - that owl purse: Amazing! <3

hattitude :

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

i can't believe you thrifted that owl bag! what a score!!!

i love looking at your guys site. i'm headed to san fran at the end of april! i hope it's nice weather then!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Baby Budget Blog :

WOW! That owl purse is so unique! I have never seen anything like it! GORGEOUS!

Caitie :

those pants look fab on you and that bag is just too silly/cute!


Rebecca :

Those jeans were a good find, they fit really well and i love them next to the owl bag. I really like anything 70s at the moment and my current favourite is a green silk blouse. The quote from Adolph B Spreckels is really touching - use and beauty is quite the gift.

michellek :

bag is so cute. i love background you used for the photos, so gorgeous

Lucy Nation :

I love this outfit. I don't actually own a pair of jeans right now but sometimes I really wish I did.

The Jones :

Oh my stars, that purse. What can possibly be said? It's amazing.

<3 Cambria

Lydia :

OMG I love that owl bag so much!!! Amazing. And that first shot is awesome.

Sara S ♥ :

That is the coolest bag ever! Love your outfit!

Rebeccak :

Oh I so love that place! One of my all time favourite museums - and these photos are just incredible!

Chloë :

Your bag is so gute!

Penny Dreadful Vintage :

I think that just might be the most AMAZING bag I have ever seen. I have serious envy! x

rainoncabriolets :

geez i want that bag! :D

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

That cardigan looks pretty much perfect. If there's one thing my wardrobe is sorely lacking, it's good cardigans. However, after some hand-washing I'd been putting off for a month, I've rediscovered an old favourite. ; ) These are lovely, springlike pictures and your seem to have a spring in your step. : )


oh, the cardigan looks perfect on you! so happy to see it paired with these killer pants too. xo.

Jazz :


Heather, 29 Skirts :

LOVE this, especially how the lace looks with those pants!

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) :

I am in love with those pants!! Also that owl bag is just perfect!