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Photos by: Matthew Rice
Dress-Vintage:: Necklace- Vintage:: Coat- Thrifted:: Hat- Vintage:: Bag- Thrifted:: Shoes- F21:: Ring- Thrifted:: Hair Clip- Vintage
On my latest trip to the Museum of Modern Art, I picked up a fun book titled "How to be an Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith. The book is filled with exploration exercises that prompt you to view the world in a whole new manner and open your eyes to the wonders in your own neighborhood. One way that I'm "exploring the world" is by playing with my favorite Japanese toy, a kendama. I've been playing kendama for a couple years now, but it's my boyfriend that is the real star. He's so good that he's actually sponsored by kendama companies and at this time has 79 kendamas in his collection. You can view one of his videos here (he has 11) and buy your very own kendama here

For my urban exploration and impromptu kendama session, I wore my newly thrifted shift dress (with pockets!), and sweet little camel coat. The necklace was a gift from Matthew's brother and the hair clip I found a local estate sale. I've had some pretty good luck at the thrift stores lately and have about 15 dresses I need to take to the tailors. I can't wait for this cold, rainy weather to end so I can wear some of them. Have you found anything really good at the thrift store lately? 


JennaStevie :

This dress is so wonderful, love the colour and the fact that it has pocket!!! That necklace is so unique love it, this is a great look and what a fun toy! I think I would be very bad at that haha

French Press Vintage Boutique :

I love that the dress has pockets. It's a great color too, with your hair and skin tone. cheers.

islabell :

Annie. This post rules on so many levels. AHHHHH

The Braided Bandit :

Amazing dress and that is one of the most fun necklaces I have ever laid eyes upon! SO COOL! It also matched the dots on your new book, which sounds like something I should definitely check out! I am all about appreciating little things from your own area, but with the warmer weather and trees in bloom, I may be able to do it on my own!
Happy Friday :)
xo Hannah

Lucy Nation :

You look particularly lovely today. Those colours really suit you and that necklace adds just the right splash of colour x

MK. :

Wow, what an interesting post! And you look really lovely btw.


Frannie Pantz :

What a cute cute CUTE dress! I love that it has pockets too! That book sounds awesome even for someone as lame as me who cannot do much exploring. :-( Enjoy your weekend!

Caitie :

so loving that coat and hat together!


Roxanne Rosensteel :

You look cute as a bug's ear! I love love love that hat.

Christina :

That necklace is beautiful, and I love the kendama action shots. I agree with Isla, this post rools!

elanor, :

your hair/bangs looks so darling pinned up like that... :) and these photos are the cutest!

i must say, i don't think i'd be very talented at the kendama...haha

This Charming Style :

These photos are beautiful! I adore the colours in this look, that dress is so pretty. Lovely! xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop :

Hey, that is an amazing necklace.

Nadinoo :

Such a great post Annie! Love your outfit, the coat, the dress, utter perfection :)

Rebecca :

I like simple shifts the best, and that necklace is fantastic - it matches the cover of your book too. Curious about the Kendama, that's pretty cool your boyfriend is sponsored to play!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Analise, you look phenomenal! This is one of my favourite looks from you! As for the Kendama, it looks fun but impossible... I think there's an old English toy that has a similar idea too...

Monique :

Your outfit is flawless lady. The Kendama looks like loads of fun, I'd love to get one for my homeroom the kiddos would love it. Oh and that necklace is sweet your boyfriend's mom gets you the coolest stuff(you're one lucky gal)I remember a gorgeous dress she got you too.

Vivi :

lovely photos x

Thea vintage :

Love the necklace!

Junaluska :

Explorer of the world.... that sounds like a fun book! It's always amazing to discover new places in one's own neighborhood.

Sandra - If it comes in pink :

what a lovely style :)

Teddi :

hi pretty lady! i knew who wrote the book as soon as is saw the cover. it's so whimsical the way it matches your fun purse, & gifted necklace. i like your thrifted dress with pockets too. weren't you so inspired after your museum trip? i often am. :)

Caitlin :

obsessed with that necklace... amazing!

Valerie EnrĂ­quez :

What a lovely outfit! I love the coat and you look darling! x

Courtney :

I am absolutely and positively in LOVE with the dress. It's one one my favorite colors to wear and I love the material and cut. Adorable. And it looks gorgeous with your hair.

devorelebeaumonstre. :


devorelebeaumonstre.com xx

Constance :

I love your necklace!!


Kailey :

Ahh I ADORE THIS - your dress is superb!


Hey girl!

You look lovely as always, I really dig the grapevine necklace :)

caitlin :

oh boy! right after i opened up your feed in my inbox the other day, i nearly died with that adorable necklace. i remember my mom having one that i would wear when i was little. that very next day, after seeing your posting, i found a very similar necklace at the antiques shop near my house - i was thrilled and am now a happy owner of some colorful plastic accessories for the summer! woohoo!

Andrea :

Beautiful dress! I love the color!

Jamie Rose :

Really cute dress. I love the simple cut and the dark red color.

dusanabotswana :

oh my goodness 15 dresses, amazing luck! absolutely adore this one, it's perfect on you, the color & fit & that coat was an amazing find too. that game def looks tricky. i'd love to hear more you're doing from that interesting book.