Vanity Treasures

Picnik collage
Powder Box/ Wardrobe/ Combs and Brush Set/ Jars
I recently watched The Artist, and I have been particularly inspired by silent film era beauties such as Theda Bara and Alla Nazimova. If space allowed, I would set up an Art Deco vanity in my wardrobe, with each drawer filled with perfume jars, vibrant brush and comb sets, and jewelry from the era. These are a few of the pieces I've been wanting from Etsy, particularly the wardrobe with the matching mirror. A girl can dream....


Lydia :

I love how unconventional their beauty is, by today's standards anyway. There's so much personality in their faces, it makes me sad for the cookie-cutter expectations of Hollywood today.

Melanie Lea :

Wasn't The Artist amazing!?!? I'm now obsessed with Bérénice Bejo thanks to that movie. She was perfect! Love these pictures too! You guys always have the best inspirational photos : )

French Press Vintage Boutique :

this post is too cute! love it.

BaronessVonVintage :

I literally was going to write "gasp" before I even scrolled down and saw the still. WILD! GREAT POST!


After watching The Artist I too was on such a 1920s kick. Having a 20s vanity with the pretty perfume bottles like you mentioned (and maybe even mirrored trays??) would be such a dream. Sigh.

Lucy In The Sky :

Beautiful. I've wanted an Art Deco vanity all my life. I know just how you feel wanting the beautiful sets and perfume bottles. And I cannot wait to see The Artist.

Caitie :

I've always wanted to have a vanity too with a cute little cushioned stool.... sigh. one day :)


The Jones :

I completley love Art Deco era beauty products, hairstyles, makeup...everything is so avant garde and over the top for daily wear, bu I think it makes for fabulous style.

<3 Cambria

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