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Dress -1940s Vintage :: Bag - Thrifted Vintage :: Shoes - Vintage Ferragamos :: Gloves - Vintage :: Belt - Vintage 
As you know by now, this last weekend was the Vintage Fashion Expo in San Francisco. Not only is it a place to get new pieces for your closet, but it's also a wonderful way to share your vintage treasures with the world. I decided to wear one of my 1940s dresses, a recent purchase from Ashley. I absolutely adore the peplum waist detail, especially with all the little cut outs. I paired it with my 1950s patent shoes and handbag. I spent quite a long time trying to get my hair into perfect little curls, rolls and a pompadour, only to have it collapse after a few hours. I think I just used too many products, and my straight, fine hair just couldn't hold it up. I can't wait to try this hairstyle again and (hopefully) make it even better. 

I was on my best behavior and the Fashion Expo and only purchased two dresses. One is an orange and white frock from the 1950s, and the second is a pastel babydoll dress from the 1960s. Sometimes I wish that I had a whole week to shop all the lovely vendors because it's so inspiring to see such gorgeous vintage fashion and fun displays all in one place. I hope everyone has a super fun and stylish weekend. 


Frannie Pantz :

This dress is just so lovely. This is a great example of a chic all black look. You look stunning-I love all the details, like the gloves with it too. I only wish Colorado was cool enough to do vintage expos. Sigh. Great discipline, too! I can't say I'd have the same restraint.

Rae Veda :

You look darling! I love your blog design. xo, rv

JennaStevie :

This is such an amazing vintage look on you. You look so retro and modern at the same time!! Gorgeous dress, I love the detailing on it!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage :

wow, loving those shoes.
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Gah! I love the 40s and you look amazing! I did a 40s (inspired, sadly no actual 40s gear) shoot this afternoon. I just love the silhouette here!

Sabrina T. :

so lovely and bon ton!!

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Patchwork à Porter

sophie :

lovely outfit!
you look amazing!

dusanabotswana :

oh man that expo looked amazing! You look so beautiful and classy here. I thought that was a top & skirt & first noticed how simple yet elegant it was w/ the cutout so def makes sense that it's from times past. I think your hair looks fantastic, but have you tried the rag curl thing overnight? that might stay more.. but I have no idea. amazing gloves too!

Sadie Dear :

This getup is truly beautiful, and it makes me feel that I may have stepped back in time! I love the pic of you jumping: it looks live you are floating! Thanks for coming to visit my blog lately.

Sharmaine Ruth :

You look perfect! And I love the jumping photo :D That expo sounds amazing! I wish I could be there :P The finds must be priceless!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

lillie :

wow, the detailing on that dress is so lovely! Love how you've styled it! x

Shannon :

I absolutely LOVE your outfit and your style. Absolutely STUNNING!

Boheme.Fille :

Lovely! I adore your dress!

Rebecca :

Great hair and the dress is beautiful, I love how much care and attention went in to many vintage clothes, particularly 1920s-40s. The vintage expo sounds wonderful.

Stylist Steph :

I love this look, it was really a great era in fashion and this look is inpiring!

indie by heart :

Oh that's a gorgeous black look! Nice details, and that bag is really sweet ^^

- Indie by Heart

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Ashley Ording :

Gah! You look so so so pretty! That dress is so perfect for you... and I love the hair, I want to try that now. xoxo

Georgia Rose :

Damn, you are one classy broad! I wish we had a vintage expo in little old Wellington.

his_girl_friday :

You look just stunning. I love all the details in this outfit.

Mary Lou :

oh wow this is beyond beauty darling! especially your hair, i have to try something like that with mine too! you look so gorgous and very very lady like, i love that you wear gloves, this is so superchic like all the women were in the fifties and your bag is fabulous!
love and kiss,mary

Marisa Noelle :

Your photos from the expo make it look like pure heaven. The dress is peplum perfection...all the black just as spring is starting is such a strikingly beautiful look against all the greenery.

Jamie Rose :

This dress is wonderful! I love the peplum and the cutout detailing. Such a pretty outfit. You look amazing!

Courtney :

Stunning from head to toe. I love the dress and flower in your hair.

Am2Pm Chic :

love your outfit and how your hair pop out from the look. lovely..

thanks for stopping by and those sweet comments.


Blogger :

Amazing..... I love vintage too.. I wish I could live in those decades...

Milla :

What lovely gothic vibes. You look so elegant. I also am very tickled by that jump shot. The devil is in the details...

Melanie Lea :

Ooooh I love all the greens in the background. And your little jump picture is perfect! Sweet pea!