Vintage with a View

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lily collage
view from the top
bag on a bench
Dress - 1990s Vintage :: Necklace - Dear Mina :: Boots - A Fine Day for Sailing :: Bag - Thrifted
When I woke up yesterday morning it was pouring rain, and I was afraid that the day was going to be a total bust. But by the afternoon the skies had cleared and the sun was back to shining brightly. On the way to a sushi lunch, Matthew and I stopped by one of the many mini parks scattered throughout San Francisco. We both agreed that it's one of the many things we love about this city. While we have already found many of these hidden gems, we know there are so many more yet to discover. As the weather gets warmer, it seems like the perfect time to do some exploring. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

The winner of the Chopsticks giveaway is Stef.


Rebecca :

That view! I really enjoy being a tourist in London sometimes and just wandering around, finding new places. Really like the dress, love those dark floral viscose numbers that the 90s excelled in.

Sara S ♥ :

The picture of your black socks and boots reminds me of a Victorian school girl. Great outfit!

KristiMcMurry :

The scenery around you is just stunning! I especially love that next to last picture. You look darling in your 90s dress!

Babes in Thriftland :

Wow, that picture of you looks pretty as a postcard. I love looking at all of your great photoshoot locations every day! I can live vicariously through your great weather :)

Nadinoo :

Arr San Francisco is amazing! Such a lucky lady to live somewhere so beautiful with so many pretty parks. Your hair is looking extra luscious these days, red is perfect on you. x

The Jones :

I am sooooooooo in love with your hair, looks amazing on you. ANd these photos are lovely--wish I had a view like that, but in MN right now all you can see is snow ;) Great floral print dress too, love the way you've styled it with the vintage boots/purse.

<3 Cambria

Hannah :

So gorgeous! The light in these photos is beautiful... it definitely reminds me of that feeling when the sun comes out after it rains. Lovely.

Bonnie :

Your hair is the prettiest shade of red EVER. I love the scenery in your shots, too.
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French Press VINTAGE :

Adorbs, Anna. Is Matthew your dude? He has a great site, pass it on ;-)

I'll be in Oakland/SF sometime in April - hopefully I'll be able to have some tea with you girls and get chatty cathy.

Caitie :

such pretty pics! your eyes are insane!


Inês de Castro :

Cute dress :)

JennaStevie :

These pictures are so gorgeous! What a beautiful sunny day it turned out to be, and your hair is sooo shiny! I love it. This floral dress is so awesome especially with the knee high

Lucy Nation :

Very pretty. Love the 90's grunge vibe of your outfit x

Courtney :

Lovely photos! Must say your hair hair looks ah-mazing!

Courtney :

Lovely photos! Must say your hair hair looks ah-mazing!

Annebeth :

ooh you make me want to wear socks again, it's been a while! :D SPRING, yeay!

Wild Flower :

I absolutely love your outfit, seems like it would be perfect for any day. Nothing beets a floral dress and over the knee stockings! Have I mentioned how totally gorgeous you are? Seriously, wow! And the views are breathtaking in these photos, I guess I just love everything about this post!


stephanie... :

this dress is amazing! I love finding other blogs from sf, it's fun to see the city different ways :)

sarahthestylescout :

lovely outfit! so cute!

michellek :

wowie your photos are ridiculously vibrant and beautiful. i love your hair color, works so well with your paler skin. envy!

Zoë, Lion Heart Vintage :

aw what a beautiful weekend spot! that view is amazing (the landscape and the lady! hehe)


Looks so pretty were you are, loving the pic of you and the city back drop :)

Monique :

I love those days when the rain clears away. These photos are lovely. I love the way florals look against dark hues. The second to last photo of you is stunning. Your hair color makes your eyes pop and the sun makes your skin looks so radiant and glowy...cheers to sunny days!

dear winsome :

such an amazing view! love this outfit, the socks and boots are perfect together. your hair color is so vibrant and pretty!

Caitlin :

that last picture of you looks like it could be a fake backdrop! haha.

loving the floral dress with all the flowers!
if only some would bloom here!

ConstantlyAlice :

These pictures are beautiful, so saturated with color!

Jamie Rose :

Fantastic pictures! I really love the knee socks with your cute little dress.