Ghost Town

Dress- 1970s Vintage:: Mary Janes- Vintage:: Purse- 1960s Vintage:: Belt- Thrifted
This past weekend, Matthew and I visited Fort Ross, a former Russian establishment just outside of Jenner. Built in 1812, the fort was an agricultural base from which northern settlements could be supplied with food for trade. The day was windy and rainy, making our visit eerie to say the least. Relics from the establishment were displayed in a series of wooden houses, including a room filled with bones and skulls from past hunting expeditions. Since there were almost no visitors during our stay, it felt as if we were in a ghost town tucked deep within the woods. I wore a weekend favorite of mine- a simple 1970s cotton dress and vintage mary jane flats. I especially enjoy the vibrant colors of the dress, which was a rather nice contrast to the dreary setting.


Circus Girl (Zoƫ) :

What lovely pictures! The place looks incredible! :) x

Gracey at Fashion for Giants :

Fabulous pictures. And oddly enough, I just thrifted a vintage dress remarkably similar to that one. I hope it works as well for me as yours does for you!

The Jones :

Loving the contrast between your outfit and the setting...the red stands out and is so saturated! That striped skirt is absolutely lovely...wishing I had one for myself this summer :)

<3 Cambria

KristiMcMurry :

That dress is so pretty, and the location is very eery. I love the blue-ish cast on the pictures.

The Braided Bandit :

You look beautiful as usual, I love the eerie backdrop! The lighting is terrific!

Daisy :

your dress is so lovely. great photos! xx

JennaStevie :

What a creepy place!! I bet it was really interesting. The photos turned out lovely, I adore that dress, the colours are so perfect and springlike


These photographs are just lovely. I love the creepy feeling to them- and that dress brightens up the whole place!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop :

The colours, the colours.

out of order :

I totally agree that dress is fabulous against the still, sepia rooms. you look lovely <3


Vicki :

this place gives me the creeps! love your outfit thou :) xx

Lydia :

I love all the amazing, historical places you guys visit. And I love your striped skirt!!

Michal :

These photographs are so cool, I love the contrast. You're always visiting the coolest places!

North Country Girl

Jamie Rose :

This place is so cool! I really love the lighting in these pictures. Such a fun striped skirt too.

dear winsome :

love the pop of color in this setting, so striking! jealous of your perfect vintage mary janes!

Virginie :

The lighting in these pictures is enchanting, embrace your sweet pretty style so well. Truly inspiring.

Virginie xo

Mary Lou :

oh this pictures really have a special atmosphere, i can´t describe it but it´s very strong. like you said it seems you are really in a ghost town dressed in this bright colours!
amazing skirt by the way!
love and kiss,mary