Dress- 1960s Vintage, via Fancy Fine Vintage:: Bag- 1980s Vintage, via San Francisco Vintage Expo:: Shoes- Thrifted:: Necklace- Vintage, Thrifted:: Tights- Target
This outfit incorporates some of my most beloved pieces in my wardrobe. While I generally wear dresses with a fitted waist, I have been recently drawn towards shift dresses from the 1960s. This frock is particularly special since it reminds me of a relic from the atomic era with a bit of galactic inspiration. The bag, with its subtle Southwestern detailing and braided straps, incorporates a muted color palette that is quite fitting for a rather cold San Francisco Spring. And while I always have had a penchant for costume jewelry, this gold art-deco inspired collar is my favorite piece that I own. I recently found it for $3.00 in a tiny thrift store in Las Vegas. It was tucked behind other oddities deep within a jewelry case, and I giddily purchased the necklace along with a turquoise sterling silver bracelet and a Donovan record. For other thrifting connoisseurs, Las Vegas has some of the best thrifting in the West. I can't wait to return for more goodies in late summer.  


JennaStevie :

This necklace is sooo amazing and unique!! I love the shift dress too, such a wonderful print. Great finds!

Christina :

wwooooooah! That dress is so cool. I was just having a freakout in my room last night, wanting to throw out all of my fitted, floral dresses in favor of geometric / mod stuff like this...

Sterling was all "what's your problem?" and I was like "I'd rather be cool than be pretty!" and he was all "you need to go to bed."

dear winsome :

love the pattern on this dress and the amazing statement necklace!! such pretty tights too!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

your bag is a DREAM!


Frannie Pantz :

Just lovely! I love the fitted waist usually too, but sometimes a shift dress just does the trick to comfy and stylish!

Rebecca :

You mix such great colours together, the tights are great and I love the bag, details, tapestry, colours. I think mad men is making me want more shift dresses maybe based on Meghan Draper's wardrobe.

Kate :

SUCH a beautiful dress, gorgeous shift style and amazing pattern! That bag is incredible too!

Ashley Ording :

Yay, the dress! It looks so perfect on you, my dear. Polka dotted cuteness! xoxo


You look so pretty! I love this look, amazing bag!

bisoux from Montreal :)

Lydia :

I love the print on this dress. It looks amazing with your necklace.

Caitie :

I'm in love with that print!!! amazing!


Jamie Rose :

This shift dress is so awesome! I've been feeling quite 60's inspired lately, so I'd love to have one like it. The print is so cool. I really enjoy your necklace with it.

SoFashionistica :

YOu look lovely! I especially love the shift dress. I love dresses from the 1960s! I kinda wish I had been born back them to indulge in those pretty fashions and all that good music.

Jenni :

Another fantastic 60s dress! Love the necklace too. I'm curious to know where you got it--I live in Las Vegas, and I have the worst luck at the thrift stores out here. I usually just wind up at Buffalo Exchange. :)

Monique :

The print is so bold. You gals pick the best back drops too! Loving this space age inspired getup!

Sarah :

According to my friend, very Southern California is ALSO a great place. You're making me want to take a trip to Vegas just to thrift, though. (It's okay because it's cheaper than gambling, right?)

ANYway. I love this muted ensemble with the KILLER shift dress. You look amazing. (:

Helga! :

I've noticed you do a 60's shift well.
That necklace is amazing;I don't suppose you would consider a post on your Las Vegas thrifting experiences? I'm going to be there in early July, and would love a wee Vegas shopping guide.Last time I was there, I didn't have enough time to explore past The Attic and a thrift store down the road from it;this tinme I'll have a few days...:)

caitlin :

that bag is an INSANE find - i wish it were mine! and i love your pink tights with that outfit!

Amy :

ohhhh how pretty is that wall with the branches and purple blossom!

SomeoneLikeYou :

So ridiculously breathtaking! You have no idea how much of a constant inspiration you are to me ❤

Lola :

Comp in love with your gold shoes!!

Katherine McAdoo :

LOVE this dress on you! and your shoes are just perfect - shape, color, and texture. and i love the mixing of that western bag. great thrift finds, i'm jealous!

Caitlin :

that bag is incredible!!