galaxy collage copy
Space Locket:: Geometric Nebula Pendant:: Agate Slice Ring:: Nebula Space Shorts:: Nebula Dress:: If I Could Give You Print 
Perhaps because I recently finished all four seasons of Battlestar Galactica, but I've been particularly inspired by handmade pieces with an outer space influence. These are a few of my favorite finds from Etsy. I am smitten with the vibrant colors of the jewelry pieces and would very much like to add one of the nebula lockets to my growing collection.


Jenni :

I love galaxy prints. I've been looking for the perfect galaxy print dress, but no luck so far!

Nichole :

I love space! i've been watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos on Netflix—so so good! Those pendant necklaces are awesome, thanks for sharing!

French Press Vintage Boutique :

I dig it.

Rose-et-Violet :

Starry anything is so perfectly dreamy...Love these picks, such great ones.


Gina :

I love how mysterious and unique this look is! I love the geometric patterns and the colors. What a great trend!


Katherine McAdoo :

i LOVE space prints, wren has a dress right now i could just die for.

Hurnrningbird :

This is awesome! I love the necklaces with the gold chains <3