Pentex K1000

 in the doorway by Matthew Rice
alley puddle by Matthew Rice
sun by Matthew Rice
Mission houses by Matthew Rice
grey wall by Matthew Rice
alley sunglasses
profile by Matthew Rice
Photos by: Matthew Rice
These photos were taken a couple weeks ago when Matt and I went to try out a new restaurant, Radish. (I had the grilled cheese and roasted pepper soup, and it was delicious.) We took along my old Pentex K1000. It was my first big purchase after saving up from my first job after high school and has always been a trusty friend. It's so easy to overlook the sights that you see throughout the day. That day the camera helped us to open our eyes to the neighborhood around us. These photos remind me a little bit of  Natalie Portman in "The Professional". She is such a fashion icon in that film, with her combat boots and rounded sunglasses. I'm hoping to see some other great movies this weekend at the Fashion Film Festival. City of Lost Children, Barbarella, or Marie Antoinette? 


The Jones :

I utterly and completely adore Marie's just a visually splendid movie, can't ever get enough. Love these photos too, you really did capture the neighborhood's essence and your outfit seems right at home. The food sounds delish!

<3 Cambria

Valerie EnrĂ­quez :

Those sunglasses are amazing! I also loved that you brought out your old film camera. I always prefer using 35mm film :)

Cat :

My boyfriend and I recently discovered a 1970s Russian film camera at my mum's house (it hadn't been used for decades) and we were thrilled to find it still works! I've been posting a selection of the photos over at Take Courage, I just love the anticipation of how they'll turn out. I love yours, especially the first one, you look incredible!

Cat xxx

lisa :

These photos are beautiful. I think it would be hard to not take pictures of everything in San Fran- such an amazing city! I love The Professional! Such a great film.

Rebecca :

I like the 90s grunge vibe of your outfit. I know what you mean about missing the sights you are familiar with, it's great to just go out and take photos as you go about your day. Also I was thinking to myself 'the professional'? Surely she means 'Leon' but then I remembered it has a different title in the US/UK.

JennaStevie :

These photos turned out amazing, I love the vibe of them. Your dress and coat are both amazing pieces. I say this everytime but I love your hair

Ana :

Those pictures are amazing!

AnaCloud Vintage

Jamie Rose :

These pictures are so awesome! You definitely look super cool in your lace-up boots and plaid jacket. I'm loving your sunglasses too.

Dom :

Photographs are amazing. Love the one of you with the sunglasses on.

Caitie :

these pictures are amazing! Isn't it crazy how S.F. has so many beautiful neighborhoods and places that tend to be overlooked after living here for a while? It always amazes me! I still haven't seen barberella ... on my list!


Jazz :

You look awesome! Love it.

dear winsome :

oh gosh..i'm totally kicking myself for not getting that exact camera at the thrift store a few weeks ago!! these shots are amazing, love the grunge/urban vibe. that last one is too perfect!

Two Happy Hearts :

Such great photos! Seems like quite the trusty old camera-friend ;)

Christina :

I was going to say the same thing about The Professional. There's a real cinematic quality to these pictures. Super beautiful, Annie.

Caitlin :

these are beautiful!
love film shots.

Monique :

I love the textures of these photos so amazing your camera is still rockin out fabulous pics!

Leila :

These photos are truly beautiful. I feel that I notice more of my surroundings when I'm shooting with film; everything seems more interesting and beautiful somehow.