Skirt- 1960s Vintage, via Held Over:: Blouse- 1940s Vintage:: Fastener- Vintage:: Travel Bag- Vintage, Thrifted:: Jacket- 1960s Vintage, via Vinage Expo:: Tights- American Apparel:: Shoes- H&M:: Belt- Thrifted
Whenever I have a free day, I love to explore the sights of the city by traveling to different neighborhoods to enjoy a bit to eat and a mid-afternoon cocktail. One of the things I love about San Francisco is the distinct atmosphere of each neighborhood, and I could spend hours getting acquainted with the shops and restaurants that line the streets.  Ashley and I spent the day exploring Chinatown and North Beach, two neighborhoods that I don't frequently visit because they are little far from my apartment. We wandered from store-to-store in search of some knick-knacks and stumbled upon boxes of vintage greeting cards at a little shop near the end of Chinatown. Before our afternoon exploring, I looked through Ashley's vintage collection and made some purchases from her Etsy store. It's fun (and dangerous) to have close friends who collect vintage clothing. I always leave with a few new goodies, hence the need for my large red travel bag to fit in all of my newfound treasures.


SoapyMermaid :

so nice. you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city :)) love your bag btw :)

Sara S ♥ :

I love your outfit! Peter pan colors are simply the best! I would love to visit San Fran one day and visit all the neighborhoods that you take wonderful pictures of! :)

Ana :

This outfit is so lovely. I'm especially in love with your coat and your bag! Amazing!

AnaCloud Vintage

sweet harvest moon :

Beautiful bag!

out of order :

you have an awesome outfit! I'm loving the yellows and red, so pretty <3


Ashley Ording :

Yay! More day adventures, please! xoxo

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries :

My gosh. I really am in love with that bag! Scuh a beauty!

Your posts always make me want to go and visit San Francisco! Too bad the boyfriend has been there not so long ago and he won't go back in the first few years. What do I do? haha. x

SoFashionistica :

Lovely outfit! I simply have to make my way to the city to go thrifting and see the pretty vintage stores you guys have there. I always plan a saturday to go up there but somehow I always end up going to other places. I don't have many friends who enjoy wither thrifting or vintage shopping so i normally go with my mom. But anyways, I have to find some time to make it up there and take a look!

elanor, :

I love being a tourist! It's so much fun. :) And your afternoon sounds swell! This outfit is so pretty, as always. <3 I love the fastener!

Rebecca :

I love the first picture! I never tire of seeing all your SF pictures. There are so many interesting details in your outfit, like the hem of your skirt, so pretty.

Amber :

I am always in awe of your outfits. You look so polished and chic with a touch of quirkiness. Love it.

The Braided Bandit :

LOVE the plaid coat! The whole outfit is adorable as usually and looks like a great adventuring outfit! Food, exploring and mid afternoon cocktails sound like just what the doctor ordered!

Lydia :

That coat is so lovely. I love short sleeved coats! I always have to wear long sleeve sweaters or long gloves in the winter because all my coats are bracelet length. And I love your headband.

Caitie :

love the colors and the fastener!


Maite :

love what you're wearing in this photos.

Dom :

Ah! Your plaid coat is to die for!

Caitlin :

great details on that adorable little top!

Jo :

I can honestly say - I think you've found my dream jacket! <3 What a beauty! And I love your lace top too!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Monique :

Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. I adore your head piece

Marisa Noelle :

Holy moly, that coat is quite the gorgeous piece. I am just adoring all the bright colors of these photos between your outfits and your festive for the eyes. Your headpiece is adorable as well...for some reason, that style never looks good on me. I don't know of anyone who can pull them off better than you:)

SomeoneLikeYou :

There you go again being the loveliest gal around! China town looks so spectacular. I hope to visit it perhaps one day! Oh, and I just love your satchel! x

Hybrid Hunter :

I knew exactly where this was before even reading your post! I <3 our city...and Chinatown has the best dim sum!

Hybrid Hunter

Helga! :

OMG I covet that red vinyl bag like a BANDIT.

Jamie Rose :

Such a cool outfit! Your plaid jacket is awesome with your bright orange skirt.

hattitude :

Hattitude Style Blog

i loooove that jacket. ah it is so lovely. the orange skirt is just lovely with that blouse. you always do such a great job putting vintage things together

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

dusanabotswana :

so fun you can go shoppign at each other's homes! sounds like a great day, Chinatown was so fun to see when I visited SF. Love your outfit too, that coat is beautiful & great skirt color. you look so pretty!! best wishes for the sale tomorrow, sure it'll be a blast!