Etsy Update

1940s Autumnal Hue Dress with Bow Neckline/ Size Medium to Large/ $54.00

Turquoise Floral Summer Dress with Exposed Back/ Size Medium/ $52.00

1970s Purple Edwardian Mini Dress/ Size Medium/ $38.00

Navy and Blue Long Sleeve Floral Dress/ Size Medium to Large/ $38.00

1990s Art Deco Inspired Black and White Floral Dress/ Size Small/ $32.00

We have new listings in our Etsy Store including some dresses for the summer. We will be updating our store every other week, so stay tuned for more vintage finds.


lady liquor vintage. :

The first dress is so beautiful! XO.

Siboney2046 :

I love the turquoise one!

Caitie :

def. gonna have to take a peek at your shop later this afternoon! still bummed I didn't get that dress when I first saw it from the golden collective sale...before I knew it it was gone! I learned my lesson :)


Dilan Dilir :

wonderful dresses :D

charley :

Wow, so many beautiful things!

Fashion Lookbook :

Love the polka dot dress.