Purple Hue

Dress- 1960s Vintage:: Sunglasses- Ray Ban:: Shoes- Vintage, via Etsy:: Tights- Nordstrom
I have really been enjoying these long nights as summer begins in San Francisco. There are extra hours after work that I can walk around the neighborhood with my ladies or sit outside and grab a light dinner. This makes summer life so much more enjoyable. There is a little cherry tree by my house that I admire on these nightly walks. I hope I can grab some cherries before the birds do.


Handmade by Emily :

I am a sucker for stripes, and I love the haziness of your photos. Perfecto!

Emily x

dear winsome :

such amazing light, love these glasses and your stripes!

Sharmaine Ruth :

Your photos are just adorable! I'm so in love with your style :) Summer nights are always the best!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

Penny Dreadful Vintage :

Ooh that stripey dress is so cute - and what a perfect match with the red shoes x


Mandy :

I love everything about these pictures. I am swooning over your dress. It is so lovely.

Lucy Nation :

Amazing lighting. We finally have some nice summer weather in the UK so your San Fransisco summr outfits will give me lots of inspiration :)

Qwerty :

Wow, your photography's amazing! That dress is just gorgeous :) x

michellek :

great dress, looks so comfy and nautical. hee love the last photo where your feet are jumping

Luna :

ohh thank you so much!

I love those red shoes by the way :D

Liebe Grüße ;)

The Braided Bandit :

This dress is so perfect for Memorial Day weekend, it looks adorable and comfy to boot! Loving these, especially the glasses one, the shadow one, and those pokey berries- awesome! Enjoy your weekend :)
xo Hannah

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream :

the whole outfit is adorably chic -- especially love how the shoes completed the whole look. <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Rachel :

Such an adorable dress! x

marissa (stylebook) :

love this outfit!

Valerie Enríquez :

Such a beautiful outfit, I love the red and navy dress especially and those glasses are so lovely x

Anna Rutherfordium :

cool shades i am jealous! :)

Jamie Rose :

I love this! These pictures turned out so nice! I'm really admiring all the unique shots. Such a cute striped dress too.

Jaymie :

these photos are great, they look really nostalgic and fun. your dress is gorge <3

Caitie Schlisserman :

this dress is adorable!


stuph :

love the sunglasses.

caitlin of wanderlustings :

oh my goodness - everything is so lovely in this post. your outfit is absolutely adorable with your bob. i simply cannot believe the lovely things that grow on your trees over there. i definitely need to pack up and head west.

unpetitfauve :

What an adorable dress! Evenings really have been nice in the Bay Area lately. Especially now that the super windy days are starting to settle down a bit.

Tyne Swedish :

Obsessed with your sunglasses! Love them!