To the Light

Photos by Isla
Sheer Dress- 1950s Vintage:: Belt- Thrifted:: Clutch- 1950s Vintage:: Sunglasses- Thrifted:: Shoes- F21:: Floral Crown- Made by Me
Dreamy summer weather and a growing collection of 1950s summer dresses have filled my days lately. Annalise surprised me with this yellow and white striped number last Friday for an evening spent with champagne, a few bridal magazines, and an endless stream of Youtube videos. I purchased my bridesmaid dress for Annalise's wedding at Held Over last week, and it is currently being mended at the tailor. A lacy 1950s party dress complete with a big yellow bow and crinoline skirt is in store for the big day in October. Annalise has been busy planning her wedding and will be back soon in internet-land. I must say, Annalise looks beautiful her wedding dress- truly the perfect dress for the most lovely bride-to-be and my closest friend.

This has been my go-to record for the past weekend- The Roots of Chicha, Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru. You can listen to my favorite song from the collection here.


Katie Aman :

These photos are stunning! I love the soft light-perfect with this pale yellow dress. Love your gorgeous bag too-such a perfect pairing!

JennaStevie :

I absolutely love these photos!! This dress is perfect, I love the colour on you and the fit is amazing. Definitely a perfect sundress

Frannie Pantz :

Aw! Just grinning ear to ear hearing about Annalise's upcoming wedding (mine is in September!!) and the close friendship you two share. This dress is gorgeous and a perfect gift! I love the yellow (my favorite color!!) stripes and the shape.

Natasha :

beautiful photos, I love the yellow flowers!

Natasha x

Rebecca :

Gorgeous photos, so wonderfully summery. Your bridesmaids dress sounds lovely too. I like all the yellow.

charity victoria :

oh, I love everything about this post. That dress is amazing! You look bomb in yellow. And all these photos are so lovely and dreamy. Wonderful blog! xo.

Caitie Schlisserman :

these photos are GORGEOUS! love the dress and the floral crown!


sweet harvest moon :

The light in these pictures is so pretty!

Dom :

Pure perfection. Absolute perfection. That dress and the sunlight are fantastic! :]

Sara S ♥ :

Fantastic photos! Love your flower crown!

The Braided Bandit :

You look beautiful! The soft but bright light with the your crown and yellow dress is perfection! Can't wait to see the bridesmaid's dress!

Jo :

The flowers in your hair look so pretty! <3 <3 <3

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Steffys Pros and Cons :

this is SO gorgeous.. look at that lighting! yow!


HoneyBunny :

Wow, how stunning are these photos! I love the dress too:)

Jamie Rose :

The lighting in these pictures is so wonderful! I'm in love with your little vintage dress too. The color and stripes are perfect! And the flowers in your hair are a great accessory!

lia :

very pretty dress! and great photos too!

Caitlin :

these photos and that dress are beautiful!
as are you :)

Pansy Lane :

Best lighting EVER!