These are a few snapshots from my desk workspace in my apartment. This desk has seen a lot: multiple sewing projects, late nights spent writing both my undergraduate and Master's theses, craft projects, and the occasional buffet space for a dinner party. All of these items, except the desk, are thrifted pieces from trips to antique stores throughout California or found wayside on the streets of San Francisco and Berkeley. I refurbished the rickety chair which I found on the sidewalk by stripping its finish and reupholstering the seat with a brown and light blue polka dot print. The Field Book of Ponds and Streams is also a favorite find of mine. Written in the early 1900s, it features scientific sketches of flora and fauna throughout America. It was the perfect place to perch some of my owl collection.


Christina :

That first photo is amazing.... the light in your apartment is perfect

Noelle :


dear winsome :

that book sounds all of your little vintage bits! i want a jackalope for our library!

Marlena :

aw this is super pretty, it looks like a pintrest post! i love thrifting for just that reason- you wouldn't be able to find charm like this at a normal store. and i love how you put it in the closet space, it gives it a cozy little nook to rest in.

sweet harvest moon :

This place looks amazing! I would love to work there myself :)

helen at thelovecatsINC :

so cute!

from, helen at

kit and nancy. :

what a gorgeous setup! i'm in awe of the beauty.

Caitie Schlisserman :

oh my gosh! I am obsessed - so cute!


Chaucee :

What a cute place!

Lydia :

OMG that's where you do work!!!! Amazing. Mine is way more clutter and way less cute.

Valerie EnrĂ­quez :

What an incredible space! I love the chair and desk x

jpsandswish :

What an adorable workspace! I love seeing little windows into people's lives!

Mara :

I am in love with your desk! All the owls! Ah, I so need to make myself a nice workspace.